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Second run...Done!

So, i went for my second run today determined to run all 8 of the 60sec runs (only managed 6 on Monday and walked the other two) and it worked! i tried my best to stick to the beat of the music and it paid off, i was actually up before the alarm this morning and out on the local running track by 6.30am.

I will not lie, my legs are really aching and going up and down the stairs sideways is fun :( but i am enjoying it, i just think i went too quickly on the first run.

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Wow how early and on the running track - that is a great way to go. After the first week the stiffness definitely reduces! Keep going and enjoy


Well done, an improvement already ! Slow and steady is the way to go to complete the programme, you can always speed up later once your body has got the hang of running. The aches and pains will subside....Hope the last session of W1 goes well.


I have just done my second run too and I find I just have to completely think of something else otherwise I will just want to stop! I definitely went to fast on the first day and was running so slow I was almost stopping near the end but today I just started off really slow and it made all the difference!


Don't forget to stretch as that makes a big difference. Really well done. I think the second run is worse than the first one as you know what to expect on the second one!

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Achy legs can often be from lack of post-run stretches. These are REALLY important, and need to be done as soon as possible after your warm-down walk ~ you did do that as well, I hope!

I am very impressed with the hour of your run, and I find a morning run by far the best.

Keep going; keep us posted; and stay safe.


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