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Wk5 20 min run done done done


Yeeha just completed this run. I found the 8 minute one a big jump from the 5 minutes and couldn't believe it when i saw what run 3 was. It's taken me from Sunday until today to psyche myself up for it. I went super slow and Jo Wiley came on i was sure she was going to tell me i was half way, sadly it was 5 mins. Anyway dug deep and went into beast mode as my 7 year old talks about and got it done. Definitely it is mind over matter. Now a guilt free cup of tea and a jammy dodger is in order!

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Well done done done! 😀

Well done I thought I was half way wen jo came on and I thought I've still 15mins ha. But was buzzing wen I'd finished👍


Very, very well done...slow and steady is the way!


Cup of tea.. fine... ditch the jammy dodger though :)

Well done !!! Totally feel the same , just done it too . Legs aching but cavy believe I did it!!


'Beast mode' - love it! will add that to my self-talk vocab ready for the next run :)

I've just done this one too, what a killer but I did it. Nothing left at then end.

Really well done!! I you should be really really proud! :)

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