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Run on the beach

Finally, after living at the seaside for 8 months now, I was finally persuaded to run on the sand! Phew wee muvva! It was little under 5k, but felt more. But I would do it again, not tonight tho!!! I am a confirmed pavement runner, I always plan lit routes because I often run alone, so an unlit beach run even with the full moon highlighted how rubbish my torch is too!

I'm on week 2 of my marathon training plan, all good so far! Less than 16 weeks till I'm in London, quivering in my shoes!

When I started C25K June 2013 I never imagined I would write any of this!!!

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Hardcore..........Good luck, Cloudchaser.


I think I remember reading that you are a beach runner mr truffle! I doff my cap to you sir!


I've never tried it, but have heard about how hard running on sand is. Well done for doing it though, I'm sure it must be great exercise and good for the Marathon training. Happy running!


Running on sand is hard work!! Wow the London marathon!!! That will be amazing we will be cheering you on!


I would love to run on the beach! It's one thing that you just have to try before shuffling off this mortal coil

Good on you for entering the marathon. Respect!

From little acorns ey! Good old C25k, what a programme


I intended to run on the beach in Corfu but ended up just drinking beer. But I still had a good time!


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