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Did wk6r1 this morning after 3 weeks off with recurring chest infections (& Christmas!)

I didn't get out in New Year's Eve as planned. I got all psyched up then my ex phoned to ask if I wanted my son home as I'd been ill over christmas (which was nice as I've never had him for new year so we cuddled in bed all night eating crumble and custard and watching films ;)

Anyhoo, I digress...

So today, first day of term, I woke up to horizontal rain and I told myself I'd go tomorrow

But I knew that tomorrow would never come so I had strict words with myself, pulled on multiple layers, trainers, gloves, a hat and my headphones, downed a large coffee and headed out after drop off.

I was scared. Very scared.

I was convinced I'd be back to square one

So I put M People's "Proud" on repeat and slogged on.

And what do you know...I did it!

Except for the part when I fell over a molehill...but we won't mention that again ;)

I'm soggy, I'm tired and I'm hiked up on black coffee...but I'm dead proud of this arthritic body of mine!!

I'm eating a Granny Smith to celebrate whilst trying to ignore my son's chocolate stash sitting temptingly next to the fruit bowl.

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Well done missus! You did good! I just found a stack of shortbread and choc truffles my niece made for me lurking behind the crowd of alcoholic bottles on the worktop. I cleared the booze out into the garage (dry January ... sigh), but thought it best that I tackle the shortbread before anyone else discovered it! I may forego the truffles as they are a bit sickly for me ... I'm sure when my son gets home from school he will volunteer to help out ...

Glad you're back in the saddle!


Well done! That's true determination right there. I always find that the more I've pushed myself to go out, the prouder I am of myself afterwards and the bigger buzz I get from it. You are allowed to feel very, very smug today!


Well done m'dear, brownie points well and truly earned. ;)


well done, it is amazing what we can do it :D this program certainly brings the best out of us :D


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