Nod, wink or grin?

No, it's not my latest idea for a game show but a dilemma I now find myself struggling with.

I'm an evening runner and it seems quite a popular time to be out and about. Last week, I passed at least 5 other runners and it occurred to me that either I don't know it or there isn't a universal greeting etiquette. Obviously the walkers "Good evening " accompanied by a nod is completely out - no spare breath for actual talking. So, I've plumped for the hapless grin combined with a dip of the head. This seems to be doing the trick. With runners that is.

The thorny issue of pedestrians is another matter. Most will kindly step aside when presented with a puce-faced, sweaty mound bearing down on them. Manners dictate a thank you of sorts. With no hope of speech, I've found myself giving them a grin and, wait for it, a thumbs up. Seriously. A thumbs up in the 21st century. Not even the Fonz can pull that off these days.

So, I wonder. Am I alone in this social etiquette quagmire? Maybe you favour the half wave to fellow runners, so beloved by Beetle and bus drivers. Or is there some sort of secret signal that will be divulged upon graduation?

I await feedback with bated breath...


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18 Replies

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  • I kinda do a similar nod and attempted grin although I'm sure its more of a grimace! I do the same to pedestrians but at the moment I'm so bloomin slow that I can usually manage a good morning or hello which often shocks as I'm usually looking near to collapse! (Its a normal look for me when exercising!πŸ˜†)

  • ☺ I'm sure they move out the way for fear that I will collapse and they'll have to do something. I can just about say hello during the first half but on the last bit my mouth is so dry and I'm concentrating so hard on not stopping, it's thumbs or grimacing all the way.

  • I nod or just extend all my fingers as a half hearted wave.

  • I always make an effort to acknowledge other runners usually with a smile but sometimes "hello" or "good morning" or some other comment typically about the weather! But I mostly run in quiet areas where I don't encounter many other runners so I get very excited when I see "people like me" out and about 😊

    Walkers/pedestrians are a different matter. It all depends on where I run and the length of the run. So, if I'm in a really quiet area and there are few people around I will mostly make some kind of contact with a smile and/or greeting. But when I'm on a long run and if there are loads of people around then I don't bother saying anything because otherwise I'd be talking most of the way and I usually don't have the puff to do that!

    I have been known to stick my tongue out after I've passed people who don't respond when I say "hello" to them. Childish I know but it makes me feel better 😊

  • I think that shows great restraint. I'd be tempted to do a thumbs up style response but perhaps not with a thumb...☺

  • Eh, doesn't bother me. Some people are deep in thought or focusing on the task at hand, or shy.

  • I've just been out and trialled the silent but over exaggerated "THANK YOU". It's a contender.

  • I mutter under my breath..." and morning, to you too... :)

  • I haven't met any runners yet but most people in the park smile and wave, especially the regulars. If I see them after my run I give an update and maybe chat. I met a friend near the end of the cooling down and stopped to chat, but the next time I saw her I just waved and said hi.

    one time a man wanted to tell me about his dog, just chatting really, I have seen him with other people. If I am in the middle of a session I will just wave

  • A quick flash.... of a smile :) I am usually a bit like her majesty Irishprincess and tun where there is no-one else. Not enough folk to present any obstacles... if I see any runners, it is usually at a a distance, so sometimes a quick smile.

    I have, however, been known to apologise, if I startle any wildlife! :

  • I tend to smile or nod or both, sometimes I even raise a hand. I greet all runners that I see.

    I have found however that the majority of men just ignore me, doesn't stop me greeting I just find it strange.

    I may however go back to running n shorts and a vest and put the old orange mankini into to retirement.......joke πŸ˜€

  • I think that would be a splendid idea - for a start, be seen, be safe πŸ˜†

  • Erm, if there's really never breath for saying "Hello" are you not disobeying Laura? The idea (during the programme at least) is not to run so fast that you can't talk.

    I say "Hello" most usually or at least smile or other acknowledgement.

    I particularly enjoy the sheepish smiles or hellos from people who didn't acknowledge me the first time who I pass coming back....

    I know some people will have some sort of difficulty which impairs their ability to acknowledge but others are just arses. It was the 'up themselves' ness of so many runners that made me feel that was running was not something I wished to involve myself in (that and all the poncy stretching they seemed to engage in before going for a run and after) It was the NHS programme that helped me find *my* way - which involves making eye contact and saying hello, and doing my poncy stretching at home separate from my running and calling it yoga)

  • I'm doing another version of C25K so no Laura. And anyway, the only way I could speak whilst running is to walk. I simply don't have the puff! ☺

  • I don't always initiate as some runners look so into their 'zone' that I don't want to break that with an unwanted acknowledgement but I always look in the direction of another runner and give a smile if I catch their eye. It always makes me feel good to be smiled at by someone who looks like a full on serious runner!

  • Yes ! me too melly4012 , exactly this ! :-)

    I tend to get more smiles and hello's from lady runners around here though .

    #lady runner code :-)

    Mind you saying that, the local water park that I go to has the friendliest loveliest runnners I have ever encountered , nearly everyone gave me a nod/wave/ good morning the other week ! :-) xxx

  • There was a very 'runner' looking girl with her perfect ponytail and short shorts passed me the other day and gave me a little grin. It motivated me no end as it really felt like it was a familiar kind of smile acknowledging we're part of the same thing. She thought I was one of them!

    One time a super fit looking runner man passed me doing about double my speed just as we came to a bit of a bottle neck of people and he actually stepped back and allowed me through first which I thought was very gentlemanly and lovely!

    I always try to give people who look like they might be struggling, particularly suspected C25Kers, a smile as I know how motivating it can be!

  • I know ! Yes , it makes us feel as if we are all part of a special club and we all " get it "

    I often wonder if anyones doing C25k around here too ! :-) xxx

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