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On my 3rd attempt in about 3 years, I completed C25K in August 2014. This was partially due to the inspiring posts I read on this forum. I followed the program to the letter, no skipped sessions, no jumping ahead. I even did the last few runs on my holiday. I continued running 3 times per week until 12 Nov. My fitness imrpoved dramatically (helped by 2-3 swims per week and a healthy attitude to food), I even got a PB of 27:02 (ParkRun during a business trip in Europe - yes, I really was committed) and I fitted back into clothes not worn for several years.

Then (oops) nothing. No good reasons, just cold, dark, busy, lazy.

So, today's run - took a lot to get me out of the door, felt more difficult, managed the 5K in 30:17 (which included 'sprinting' the last 100m).

Motivation is required to continue this 3x per week. I shall resume reading this forum so your stories inspire me to keep going. And perhaps my post will help new starters that the progam does work :-)

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hey, well done on getting back out there :D thats was great PB you had there for PR :D I dont think there is any real secret to getting out and running whether it is 1 time or 3 times a week , most of what i have learnt is that it is as much a mental challenge as anything .... I can be a right stubborn g*T when i want to be :D

The one thing for me as an ex smoker of nealry 12 months now is every step of running is taking me away one more step from being a smoker and one step closer to be healthier and fitter and bette than i was before :D and I bloody enjoy running now :D :D

i hope you find your one thing that gets you out of the door and continue with your running :D

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Hey Umsy, first of all I would like to say that I think you have done amazingly well .

Also, to achieve a 30 minute 5k when you haven't run since November is flippin' brilliant !

You have definitely got the fitness, so physically there are no problems whatsoever there . I agree with Rob, it is the emotional/ mental challenge motivation that you seem to be struggling with, and in my mind the most difficult ,as apart from the general improvement on health and well being, everyone has their own personal motivators that gets them out of the door.

I think you need to look back to your reasons for starting the programme in the first instance, are they still important to you ? Why not consider training for a 10k if that is something that you think would interest you ? There are lots of good training plans on the intenet, My Asics or the BUPA one and others.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the very best. Good Luck , keep reading, keep posting ! :-) xxx


For motivation over the next couple of months, have you thought about joining Jantastic ( You've got until Monday morning to join this year. I'm in with a few friends, have made my commitment for January (four 30 min activities per week in my case) and know I'll never hear the end of it from them if I wimp out. At this time of year I really need some sort of kick to get motivated and out. I know I'll enjoy it once I'm out, but need something to get me moving in the first place when it's cold (and dark) out there.


Thank you Rob, Poppy anad Adam for your ideas. Yes, I will find a goal (not sure whether 5k in under 25 mins, 10k in under 55 mins or my second every half-maration (my last one was 16 years ago!)) and then I will have to meet it. I will work out which one will be most meaningful for me, and perhaps use Jantastic to keep me on track. Have a super first full week of January.


Good Luck with your challenge Umsy. Keep going ! :-) xxx


I now have plenty of time to choose a running or other fitness goal - tumbled off my bicycle last week so won't be running until I can shake my arm without it hurting. Nothing broken, just some pain and bruising. Ooops. So my new challenge is to define a goal before I start running again.


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