Couch to 5K


Good start to the new year. Started week 2.

Didn't find it easy but I did manage to extend my last run as it was downhill so easier than walking really.

Knowing this is my third time of doing the programme is helping as I have been here before, realise it's not easy, and am kinder to myself in terms of accpeting that I jog along slowly: but better to be out than not.

I do still find it intimidating that so many people run so far, and so fast. I know at the end of the 12 weeks I might be doing 30 mins but it won't be anywhere near 5k. All my local running groups need you to be doing 5k in 30 mins before you can join which is a tad depressing, so sorry folks here, but you are my only support.

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Happy New Year and a great start to it :) Shame about the running groups but I'm sure you'll get plenty of support on here and 30 minutes running is more than a lot of people will ever do regardless of distance. I love this forum as there is no 'one size fits all' so everyone is different in both their achievements and their goals. Happy running :)


hi and well done on your progress so far :D i am still fairly new to this running malarky :) dont get to hung up on distances etc at this stage just enjoy getting out there and completing the timed runs :D pace and distance will come after graduation but it isnt a race!! there is plenty of time to decide about where you would like your running to take you :D Good luck with teh rest of your runs :D keep us posted on your progress etc :D Happy New year :D


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