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My plans for 2015

I am now almost finished week 4 of the Jack Daniels "Running for fitness" RED plan - which has another 12 weeks to go, which will take me up to April , when we are going to Hawaii and California for 2 months. My last running act of 2014 was to sign up for a 10K race in March - it starts at the University of Queensland and follows the banks of the Brisbane River -- should keep my motivation going to finish the Jack Daniels plan which becomes increasingly demanding and difficult as it goes on.

I don't know what I will do after we return from hols - a lot will depend on what my state of "fitness" is after a break from running for 2 months. I am hoping to be able to get an odd run in every so often - we will be staying in Honolulu for a while and also out near Palm Springs - plus doing a coach tour of the American National parks - I may be able to get an early morning run in inside these National parks - that would be excellent - but I don't know how safe that would be ( Bears, Mountain Lions, etc??)

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I did some running in one of our national parks that we've personally seen bears regularly, as well as a cougar once. Didn't see anything while running thankfully. But folks do it all the time. Make lots of noise, no headphones. You can carry bear spray as well. And I'm sure you could call in to a ranger station to get the wildlife reports - at least in Canada it's a common thing to do before hiking, trail running etc. I think running in the parks would be a lovely way to experience them.



Yes - that is very close to our coach tour itinerary. With the magic of Google Street view, I can appreciate what you are saying - I am now thinking that a quick 30 minutes in hotel Gyms may be about all that I can expect to be able to do in many places. I "may" be able to get a short run in, in Monument Valley ( between the hotel and campground) and around the Lodge in Custer State Park . Still got a few more places to investigate yet. Problem is with these coach tours is that they are fairly hectic and pull out quite early in the mornings (apart from those places where we spend 2 nights). I will have better opportunities in Honolulu and in the Palm Springs area where we are staying for a few weeks.


I have just finished my my fourth bottle of Jack Daniels.........I'm not going anywhere......

Happy New Year Bazza!!!


Happy New Year Bazza. Enjoy your running and your globetrotting in 2015 :)


Happy New Year Bazza, all the very best. Stick to the plan and you will be outrunning the bears and lions :-) xxx


I don't do : Running in the rain, running in the sun - or running with bears, lions or wolves!! :)

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