1,000 miles in 2014

1,000 miles in 2014

Back on the 6th January I set myself the challenge to walk 1,000 miles in 2014. It sounded challenging but doable. When I started c25k in March, I changed the rules so that running counted towards the target as well. Now 12 months later (with less than 36 hours to spare), I have finally hit that milemilestone (get it? sorry for being such a geek) with a rather boring treadmill run. My first. But alas, being so close to the goal, there was no way I could let the weather and icy roads get in my way!

Looking back, I'm amazed by how the simple act of walking or running on a regular basis has improved my health and my life. It sounds like a cliche, and it probably is, but when I started I was obese and on a fairly high dose of anti depressants. Today I'm "normal weight" with far fewer back aches, and the "happy pills" are but a distant memory.

Happy New Year to everybody, and happy running!

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  • Egad! That's a lot of miles. That's amazing! What an accomplishment for the year. Are you going to keep the same goal for next year?

    The program really is a life-changer. It's amazing what it does to the mind as well as the body. Happy running.

  • Tomas that's wonderful. Congratulations, I'm so in awe. Well done :)

  • How lovely - well done, Tomas!

  • Blimey that's a lot of steps! Many congratulations Tomas on achieving your goal, and some. If only doctors would hand out stories like yours to some of their patients.

    A very Happy New Year to you and here's to running many more miles on 2015.

  • What a wonderful ambition to fulfil - that is awesomely fantasico and kind of looks amaziing when you do a graph. I would like to see replacement running shoes also marked on that :) Well done - great achievement. Have a wonderful new year.

  • Brilliant! Well done Tomas. What an achievement and what a journey!

  • Hooray! Fantastic achievement Tomas! 20 miles a week - that is some going! Well done

  • Wow...that's fantastic, what an amazing achievement :)

  • Well done Tomas, that's an amazing achievement :-) xxx

  • Thats great Tomas, I ditched my pills this yr too! :)

  • So wonderful to read, bloomin' well brilliant in fact - here's to an equally happy 2015! :-)

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