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Day One on Monday.... Give me your best advice

Hey all,

Going from a size 8 to a size 18, 8 stone to 11 stone within 2 years, and and with PCOS im fed up of stopping and starting, and exhausted of not doing anything. Plus im exhausted of comfort eating as its not comforting anymore!

Day one is monday 18th feb. Whats the best advice you can give me to make sure that i do this and i do this for good?! I'm going to start Couch to 5K and count my calories of around 1300 (unsure if this is the right amount). My aim is to lose 1lb a week.

Thanks in advance :)

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Start out nice and slow. Pace yourself so that you can finish each run, that way you get a sense of achievement every time. You'll soon get hooked! :-)


Good advice from Mitts. I would also add: join this forum so you can have a good moan when you need to and get support back (you've already done this, so well done!)

Like you I am a larger lady - size 18/20 on top and 16/18 underneath. Before I started this I felt exhausted. It has taken a while, but I finally feel fitter and have a lot more energy. Picking stuff up off the floor no longer makes my legs ache, and I can swim twice as far as I used to.

This is a big deal for me, as NEVER in my life (I'm 43) have I ever been able to exercise and have it make a difference. It always seemed like it worked for everyone else but not for me. But this programme seems to really work.

I would maybe add, if you're planning to diet as well, it might be worth having a quick chat with your doctor.


Suffering from a chronic illness also helped me comfort eat my way into putting on 3 stone. It can be hard to get on with things.

I started C25K nearly 2 years ago and have certainly had my ups and downs depending on how I'm feeling or what medication changes the dr's are trying. Therefore it meant it was harder to stick to a schedule, but not impossible - I did have major blimp and turned back to comfort eating and gained almost all the stone of the first stone I lost, then realised I needed a back up plan for when I couldn't get out running and started doing workout dvds at home on those days instead or just didn't burden myself with guilt when there was nothing I could do about it.

I've been following a low calorie diet (1200) since October, but have just restarted C25K this week because of a foot injury and will be taking that as it comes. I use myfitnesspal app and when you add your exercise into it adds extra calories for you to consume that day.

This place is great for support and encouragement so please let us know how you get on.


thank you everyone for your support. i'm lookoing forward to it but all im worried about is the knockbacks as i just give up in the end.


If you can turn knockbacks into challenges to get past (no, it's not easy, but it isn't impossible either), each one you overcome is another positive step forward. If that makes sense. So, if you went right through the programme easy-peasy, with no tough bits, you would get far less out of it than if you manage to keep going despite the hitches.

And this site is really good for getting support when the going gets tough. Lots of us have succeeded with this when we've tried other things before that we've given up on. I think the fact that you can make progress almost every time you go out (and certainly every week) helps enormously.

Very best wishes. :)


thats a great way of looking at it!!! thank you!


keep posting how you are getting on & dont listen to the next weeks podcast until you are out there ready to run. also, dont peek at whats expected of you the next week or week after that as this can get you in a fluster. the plan is brilliant, enough to push you each week but not too hard. if you feel at any time that you would like an extra run of the week, just so you feel that you have truly conquered it then do it.

& dont be too surprised if this becomes addictive! finishing each week is a fantastic milestone & confidence grows with each run/week.

& finally, good luck X


What you need to get through this and start enjoying running are proper trainers, a good sports bra, a sense of humour and determination!

Don't worry at any stage about speed, just try to keep to getting out there three times a week. Sometimes I was barely overtaking people walking.

It's more than OK to repeat a run, or even a whole week if you really struggle with it. I did some of the middle weeks three times, because I felt my legs needed to get used to it.

Warm up properly beforehand and stretch afterwards - it will help prevent injury. For me that means jigging around at home for a good five minutes doing some warm up exercises I got out of a running magazine - before I even get out the door.

And most of all be proud of yourself for having a go - and keep going. You really can do it - I hadn't run since I left school thirty years ago but now I can run for more than 30 minutes and enjoy it. When I began this programme it felt like a challenge to run for a minute.


Just take it slowly and remember you are not in a race. And a good sports bra is a must. Listen to Laura, for she knows what she is talking about. The very best of luck to you. :-) And keep posting here. And remember you only fail if you never try. :-)


I'm starting off today too, good luck! I'm hoping to try and check in here now and then and talk to some other newbies so hopefully we can all try to help each other to keep going! :)


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