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Late to post

Everytime I went near my iPad today I got called away. People to greet and things to cook. I have managed to have a look at the posts as the day progressed but not able to find enough time to post. I really wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a happy runnjng day for those heading out. So here I am after a great family day touching base with my lovely virtual family. I hope today has brought you all you were wishing for.

I am on a few days running break. I did xtra runs before Christmas and I cannot wait to get back home and go out again. I brought all my running stuff with me but I literally have found no spare time but the good news about this year that is different to last year is I know I will be running next year. A little break won't stop me getting back into the saddle.

So as always happy running to everyone and if your on a break your still a runner too your just looking after yourself.

Rfc x

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Belated happy Christmas to you too RFC. - and many thanks for all your work helping the site to be such a success over the last year!

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Happy Christmas to you too!!! Know exactly what you mean! Nice to know it's becoming a habit isn't it. I went out last night. Me? Exercise on Christmas Day?? The new me! Loved it. Enjoy your break and thanks for all your hard work in making this a great forum!! xx


Merry Xmas to you too RfC, I hope you enjoy your wee break and have fun for the rest of the festive period x


Belated Christmas wished RFC. I managed a wee trot around town yesterday morning, itm was glorious. Sun shining, hardly a tourist in sight...


Belated happy Christmas, have a lovely time and a wonderful festive season.


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