Has it been that long?

So after having to take time out for a chest infection I'm at the point where I'm itching to get back into this properly. Just noticed its about 2 months since I last posted, didnt realise it had been that long, I could've finished this by now. All my old habits have returned due to not doing much (and a few pounds too) and I feel like I'm making excuses to myself for not starting again till after xmas. Still, not giving up in this and I will get it finished eventually lol

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  • There have been a lot of those viruses going round, I've had it myself and am naughtily back out there running despite still coughing a lot...you'll get back out there and finish the programme when it's right for you..

  • All it takes is a bit of will power and self discipline, and you'll be right back where you were in a nick of time. You've decided to get back onto the waggon, and that's the crucuial first step.

    Welcome back, you'll do great :)

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