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Think I'm ready to run

Hi I have posted once already on the same subject but do I ell as know where it went ha. Ok so two weeks this Thursday I will of rested my knee. I've walked every day to get that bit of a fix. I don't have pain but my knee feels stiff. I did a little jog on my treadmill and it felt fine. That night it was really sore but the next day it felt loads better. Today it's really good and I'm getting out of the chair without ant discomfort. I'm thinking of doing a little run on thurs and just wondered how long I should run for after two weeks off

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I'd do a little 15 minute tester to see how it feels but any pain I would stop and walk. Hope it goes well


You shouldn't have lost much fitness in 2weeks but do look after that knee. You are doing the knee strengthening exercises for runners on the NHS Choices site aren't you? Good luck :(


Your walking will hopefully have maintained your fitness level, so just take it very easy and gently for the leg, and you'll soon be back to normal again. I totally agree with GF - stop right away if you feel any pain.


I'd be very, very cautious! Make sure you're doing your knee exercise like AncientMum says!


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