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Checking in to say hi

I am still poorly my last run was the last day of Novemeber, it was a club run to support a lovely lady and her run streak of 365 days (and still going). It was a lovely day but I had to cut my run short as dreadful virus has hit me again, but I had lovely ladies who stayed at the back with me while I had to stop and walk and generally made sure I was ok.

It's been an eventful and very emotional few weeks. Mr Mouse has broken his toe and sadly we lost one of our rabbits after a brief illness. So, so far 35 sucks just as much as 34 (yes I had a birthday at the beginning of December). Poor Ferd is being neglected, as in he just isn't getting the exercise he needs, but he is getting plently of cuddles and is being very good.

But I did have a rather happy surprise today. I don't own any scales and so use the machine at boots only the last new months when ever ive gone in it's been out of order. But today they were working. In the last 5 months I've lost 8lbs. In total since September 2012 I have lost 1st 5lbs. My BMI has gone from 38.5 to 34.1 - now this might not seem like much of an achievement given the timescales but I don't diet (don't beleive in them) I have just tried to change some eating habits (whilst still scoffing on cake just not as much cake) and I have a medical condition that makes weight loss more challenging. Plus I think this slow slow steady approach will mean that it's more likely to be a permanent change rather than the dangerous yoyo effect. Which is why have the far healthier goal of body acceptance and trying to be healthier, but that doesn't stop the happy when jeans are a size smaller and the needle on the scales are dropping.

Running has given me something far more valuable than dropping dress sizes - it's giving me self worth

P.s echocardiogram done, there were lots of normal comments, so assume all is fine, waiting for the results to make there way to my GP

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Hello Spoonie. I'm so sorry you've had a shi**y time of it recently. You've really been through a lot. But great news about the weight loss and the BMI.

As in many things in life, slow is good and I think you have the right approach about the diet. Only good things will come of that attitude.

I hope Mr Mouse feels better soon and Ferd starts getting more exercise! Are you being a good nurse to Mr Mouse?!

Take care of yourself and fingers crossed for good results on the medical front.


Good to see you here Spoonie.

Sorry you've been so poorly, but well done on the weight front. Make sure you're up to it before you go back out running.

Love to you, Mr Mouse and Ferd.


Nice to hear from you Spoonie, even though the news is mixed. Well done on the weight loss - I know just how hard it is, but each pound is worth it for the health benefits it brings!

Commiserations on not being able to run - perhaps 2015 and will bring better times. X


Hi spoonie,

hope the new year brings you good news and that you are back to running soon. well done on the weight loss, i can identify with your concept of still scoffing on cake, just a little less! i try that too, but not always sucessfully, but will get back to being more healthy in the new year! Your comment about self worth is one alot of us will identify with here i reckon :)

sorry to hear about your rabbit :( and of course mr mouse's foot :( Big pat for ferd, i miss seeing those lovely photos of him which accompanied your posts, hes such a handsome boy!

good luck with your gp results......


Sounds like you've been having a rough time. Fingers crossed that things will be easier going forward :)

Congratulations with the weight loss! :)


Hi Spoonie, good to hear from you. There are some horrible bugs doing the rounds at the moment, so it's probably not surprising you've fallen foul of one. So sorry to hear about Mr Mouse and the poor bunny. I don't feel sorry for Ferd though because I just know you're giving him lots of attention and cuddles to make up for all the coot-chasing he's missing. Good to hear your echo seems to be normal. Hopefully the new year will bring you renewed health and vigour. Take care Sweetie x


Hi Spoonie, sorry you are still poorly, I hope things look up for you soon and you can get back running with Ferd! Well done on the weight loss, that is a great achievement and you should be feeling very proud of that x :-)


Nice to hear from you, I've only been a lurker the past month and a half as my life has gone nuts (but for me in a better way than illnesses etc.) hope you and Mr.Mouse get better soon and Ferd gets to coot chase again for being so well behaved :) that's fab news on the weight loss btw, I envy that. Mines been static all year but I apparently have lost an inch on my bust and gained half an inch on my hips and waist (could have done with the other way around!) Have a fantastic Christmas if you don't post again before then x


Sorry to hear that you have been having a tough time, but getting running and going down more than 4 points on the BMI scale (especially in the face of adversity) is no mean feat, so you can pat yourself on the back for that achievement! Here's wishing you a better 2015



Hi Spoonie, I am so sorry to hear about your bad time recently. But you know, the next year will be much better, it has to be! You deserve it, and we are looking forward to read about your running stories with ferd.

All the best for the new year, and happy birthday (even if its a bit late)!


Sorry to hear that life has been a bit up and down recently. Hoping you are starting to feel better and that the comments around the ECG sound encouraging. Just do as much as you can to take care of yourself and Mr M and Ferd, hopefully you will be out along the canal again soon. Belated happy birthday and well done on the drop in BMI, totally agree that slow and steady is the way to go. Here's to a happy and healthy 2015,


Hi Spoonie,

So sorry life is giving you such a hard time.

We all miss you and your Zombies, but I guess the coots might think otherwise....

Tried to answer your answer on my thread twice but it does not seem to want to work! Just to let you know I did not ignore you.

Have a mince pie on me (they don't exist in Sweden) and give a big hug to Ferd. Best recovery wishes to Mister Mouse, it sounds very painful.

Look after yourself and all the best season's wishes. Take care.


spoonierunning Oh poor you , having this nasty bug. Do take it easy (I think your body will tell you that). Big clap on teh back for having steadied your weight gain. Sensible too to eat sensibly rather than rush into a diet which won't help once you stop it. All this is really wonderful.

I ride a bike at the gym, rather than run in the cold, because my damaged lungs wonnnn't sustain the cold and rain. Take it easy with that nasty bug. I hope you get over it soon (before Christmas anyway)


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