Sun, Sea, Sand, and.......RUNNING!!

Sun, Sea, Sand, and.......RUNNING!!

I collected my baby sister from my mums in Hayle ( we have been in Cornwall!!!) early this morning and parked in an empty car park by the beach....We got out of the car both in vests and started screaming as it was so cold and windy. I had to do an unexpected pre-run sprint as the car park ticket blew off and I just couldn't catch it, but eventually it landed in a puddle!! She had the route all planned, and we were loaded up with energy drinks, water and randoms ( only for me, she won't eat Gellatine). We looked a bit daft carrying a bottle in each hand but at least we were balanced!!

I have been on a running ban all week. My good friend and coach instructed me I had to have a break for a week as I had a bit of an injury ( groin strain I think...), and also told me I had to start Yoga. I haven't done that yet but I am hoping to ( I'm crap at doing anything slowly and meaningfully). So this was my first test to see it was all OK...

The first few k's were on a road, and a big hill leading up to the coastal path, blimey I have missed it sooo much I was loving it. It was good to go with Miranda too as her pace is slower than mine so I had to hold back which meant I was taking it slow and steady...I felt like panther was back and running strong, wild and free ( just as panthers should...)

At about 8k we got to another village, very pretty and then snaked up into the wilderness again. We got to Godrevy point and enjoyed running with the view. The wind was so strong it kept blowing our earphones out!! It was hard to run against too...We then snaked back down and ended up on the enormous beach....It was incredibly beautiful, the sun was shining, I was running and I felt happy :)

It was hard work running on the dryer sand, and there were alot of undulating bits, and at one point I went ankle deep in sand and screamed. From then on I was convinced I was going to disappear in sinking sand and Miranda wouldn't realise and just keep running... We saw one of those kite things with a surfer attached, and at one point he flew....that was amazing....

A scramble up a sand bank, then another coastal footpath and then all of a sudden there was Sven ( my Skoda) and we were back in the car park having done a huge loop.... We did some stretching, and then back to mum who made us poached eggs on toast with beans and sausages ( thanks mum, you are the best!). A few niggles and I was aware of it, but I felt great and it was a fabulous run...15.7k in total which felt right.

Happy Panthering everyone




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35 Replies

  • Yay, congratulations. Sounds like you are back in the panthering groove. Enjoy :-) xxxx

  • Thank you... Yes I am :)

  • Sounds just fabulous JJ - ain't life grand!

  • Certainly is... Thankyou....

  • Fabulous picture! Sounds like perfect morning Sun family food and RUNNING!!!! Glad to hear

    you back out there

  • Thank you... And yes it is...!!

  • You really are an amazing person and an amazing runner, and that does sound like a brilliant run too. And so perfect getting out there with your sister, I bet you both loved it so much.

    Yes, you must get into proper stretching it has helped me loads with getting my muscles recovered, so why not try yoga or Pilate's, have you got a Wii at home the yoga on there is just as good.

    Happy panthering too.

  • You are the absolute best... Panther best :)

    Thank you so much...

  • Oh and I might get a Wii... Good idea as you can do other stuff like dancing on it too :)

  • Oh wow... Thank you so much... And yesterday was my one year on from graduating at C25k... I'd never ever run before. So glad I found it age 42... Very blessed...

  • Oh and yes that's me!!

  • loved reading that, I am lucky enough to live there !

  • You are very lucky... As is my mum known as Granny G..!!

  • Oh that sounds and looks absolutely glorious and life-affirming! So glad the aches have gone away and you're back on form.

  • Thank you so much, it's so good when you have a good run isn't it??

  • Glad to see you back panthering again. It must have been really frustrating having to take it easy for a few days. Cornwall is a lovely place - I haven't been there for years now but a great holiday destination. Enjoy your running again now and hope you get sorted with a yoga programme. Best wishes.

  • Thank you... And yes I must try and do yoga..

  • Wow a lovely run and breakfast with mum & your sister! Can't really beat that. Glad you are back out there again x

  • Awwww thank you... It was so good!!

  • Oh you cant beat a good run, and then a breakfast from mum!

  • My mum is the best... And thank you :)

  • Well done JJ. Always great to read your posts.

  • Thank you!

  • Well done, sounds like a fun run, well excluding the quicksand...

  • Thank you... Yes the sand was SCARY!!!

  • Cheers JJ, I really enjoy any Cornwall news :-)

    Sounds like you ran along Gwithian beach and it's always breezy there. The beach is huge but the high tide takes over almost all of it. Lucky you!

  • Yes that's where I was... My sister gets to do that run all the time, but you can't do it if the tides in!! I used to live in Falmouth... I love Cornwall!

  • Wow what a fantastic run. Sounds like a lot of fun. I like the fact you get everyone out running with you. On the stretching I am having to add that in more now and I am the same as you. The only way it works for me is to take 15 min every night before bed just gentle stretches otherwise I can ever find the time. Always have time for a run though hehe. Happy panthering.

  • Well done on the stretching....and thank you it was alot of fun!!

  • What a great pic jooj. Fabulous. It looks like you're waving to your legions of running fans! Your run sounds bloomin' lovely - all that fresh air, sea breezes and Miranda shaped sisters to have fun with. AND GO MUM with her poached eggs, saucisson and beans! Aren't mums great?

  • Thank you... My mum is the best especially as she had me v young so we are more like sisters.. It was a fab run.. And sadly it was beans n sausages from a can.. But I do love a bit of saucisson ;)

  • How good does that beach look?!

    Sounded like you had a blast! I can't wait to get back near a beach.

  • Thank you it was beautiful...just something about the sea...

  • That sounds lovely - I have a friend in Hayle and have often wondered how easy that beach would be to run on - it goes on for ever but is quite hard work walking to Godrevy. Nice cup of tea when you get there tho'.

  • You should do it ... It's a great circuit....

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