selfie video, good for a laugh (so i'm told!)

Well, as it was so quiet down the seafront(wind and rain!) tonight though i'd see if i have juicyju's and Andy's knack of self video! Clearly not , wasn't going to post it cos its SO bad, but shown it to Boz and he found it amusing! please note it was VERY windy, so the sound quality is fairly rubbish, especially at the end. But i will save it for posterity as i was pleased with myself, for although i missed running club(again) due to running over time at work, i drove straight back with George dog and we faced the elements, and it was almost fun! Not so good when we turned around and faced the full wind that we thought we'd already had! did 4.4km then back for bath and dinner(and bonio treats for a brave doggie!)


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42 Replies

  • Aw Ali, I love it ! :-) Blimey, that wind was G Force ! Oh and George got a supporting role , fab, fab stuff !

    Well done you ! :-) xxx

  • Did about 4 and that was best of a bad bunch! Amused me though and made the time go! Only passed 2 dog walkers who loked at me with a "running in rain and wind with no coat!?" Kind of look with their big coats and hoods pulled tight! :)

  • Aw its great ! Aw George is such a cutie xxx

  • Loved it Aliboo! Looks like George enjoyed it :) Great run.

  • It was an experience! George in sniffing mode so some walking involved, ran majority of way back as car in sight! VERY WINDY! :)

  • Ali! Love the video! Didn't realise these were a thing now; missed out on so much! That gives a nice insight into your run! I'll have a go at this when I get back. I have a Drift action camera that I use for motorcycling, I'll have a go with that as it's easier to hold.

    I did a mini 1.4K run on the beach here today but no way was I videoing that. It was a struggle with the heat, and with locals watching, clearly thinking I'm some sort of loop.

    Thanks for sharing the vid! :-) x

  • Its a new thing, have a look at juicyju s previous 3 they are great, shes in marathon training mode, and andy d!

    Well done I wait with baited breath, bet your will be pro, mines just comical!

    Well done on your mini run! :) better than room running! wonder why the locals would think that. What colour were you in!?!

    its funny hearing your own voice on camera ! :x :)

  • I'm loving these videos - thanks for putting one together. How does Georgie keep up for 4+ k with those little legs?!?

  • Hes only recently started running any distance, hes much fitter now than when we got him 9 mths ago! He did parkrun on sat and was fastest dog, 24 mins! :) we only did run/walk last night as he had to stop and sniff quite often! :)

  • Glad George enjoyed the weather! Nice to see you both out and about in it. Quite calm here this morning and lovely and sunny, so I'm suiting up now for a little tootle around the village - the weather bomb seems to have missed us here - it was windy in the night, but not excessively so. We just don't get exciting weather in Cambridgeshire. Except the snow from the Russian Steppes every now and then - there's not much between us and them in the way of hills!

  • he enjoyed it but the novelty of the rain did wear off a bit with both of us! coats for both next time(need to buy him a little running one!)These look good!.................we could be co-ordinated! :) Just watched the film back, it makes me laugh now! :)

    less windy now and warmer today but dark already :( will be happy when it starts getting lighter!

  • Aww he'd look so cute! I just printed off a load of knitted dog coat patterns for my mum to get stuck into for church fundraising. Very pretty, but not as good as these high viz babies on a cold wet beach!

  • i could commission one! he would look very cute though! that would annoy Boz!! :)

  • wow that was windy! Liking the video trend, well done x

  • Thanks!! just for fun! kept me distracted from the C****Y weather! :)

  • Well done Ali and nice to see George enjoying it too

  • plenty of good sniffs down there! his latest thing today was trying to stalk a robin! hes v interested in birds/cats/foxes! :)

  • My cat Verity loves nothing better than a tasty robin. Sadly I think she's decimated the population of Buckden now ... I haven't seen any this year!

  • Is that a new profile pic i spy! :) Looking good Kittykat007! George is certainly a character and a bit feisty jack russell, but hes getting better! i was worried when Boz took him to parkrun as he can be snappy with new people, but he was good and even let a couple of new people pat him! they started at the back but he wanted to race on ahead!

    Oh i bet that was awful, i hate driving in really nasty wind and rain, and losing your vision is the worst. Sounds like you handled it well though. Lorrys do scare me:(

    I'm sure Miles _Yonder is much more considerate though?!! :)

  • I drive a Toyota IQ and some of the moments on the M6 have been very interesting over the last few weeks. I did a fantastic aquaplane a couple of weeks ago. I told my husband, and he sent me to Kwikfit for winter tyres. Vast expense, but I feel a bit safer now. He drives a Land Rover Defender, and keeps trying to persuade me to take that on my regular Chester runs, but it does about 25 to the gallon and I'm too tight (plus it is like driving a tank - not very chicky!).

  • All part of life's rich tapestry! It adds a little interest to my dull, humdrum existence!!!

  • Great stuff... just goes to show that we are out there in all weather conditions!!!

  • Thankyou! yes i did it for posterity really, as i was driving there i was (almost!) relishing the challenge! Luckily the lighting there is good- to see by but not necessarily for videos! :)

  • Great vid Aliboo, little George is sooo cute- what weather! Was that along Ryde seafront? Thanks for sharing, fun to watch these x

  • It was from Shanklin to the end of the beach huts by sandown pier and back! the wind whistles along there! he is a good little running dog! :)

  • Excellent weather for running ~ a light, but bracing breeze!! Cooo, what a brave soul you are to do it along the sea front. Where we live the sea front is a no-go area at time like that - not too far from Dawlish and the infamous train line that was washed away last winter.

    Is it just me that finds that when you go out for a 'there and back' run, it is a head-wind both ways? I'm sure the wind and rain gods are watching me and switch it round at the precise time I turn.

    Good luck for and other windy runs, and give George a Bonio from Izzie.

  • you're right with that, it was damn breezy on the way out and ludicrous on the way back! made us go faster though!(but with plenty of sniffing stops too!) will be getting him a running jacket for wet days, he only usually does it once a week! :) George sends a woof to Izzie and a few of his cheesy bites! :)

  • Ali, good on you! Wow.... really windy!! And isn't George plucky? Really great to see! I've had a go at doing a few little 'trotting' videos but the quality was so poor I didn't think they were worth posting, plus I can't talk very concisely. Why say one word when 47 will do?!!!!! And Andy's done one?! I shall see if I can find it!!

  • that one was the best of 4 i took! it was fun to try at least! then i put my music on speaker in my back pocket and ran along to cheesy 80s pop as there was no-one around and forgot headphones(must get up earlier and get organised! no ear warmer/hat/coat but i didn't know it was going to rain!)

    Andy's one is good, better aim with the camera! Juicyju's are very steady! :)

  • Good grief Kitty! How scary!!!! I once had a load of coal dumped on my car by a passing coal lorry that had taken a bend too fast and his lorry tipped, depositing a river of coal onto my car. He was completely oblivious, the tw**!

    Not seen your vid yet Ali but will look in a minute. I tried to do a video of the dog in the park this morning. This windy weather makes his ears flap just like Biggles' flying helmet. I did the phone video thing but it was hard as I was faffing with gloves, specs, phone and trying to hold the dog. I actually didn't record a ruddy thing. I am a div!

    I watched the weather report yesterday and some BBC lady was standing by the seafront in Scotland being battered by the winds, and as she was stupidly not wearing a hat, her hair was all over the place and she was struggling to keep it off her face. it seems to me that the BBC reporters are always hatless in the face of a force 9. Daft or what. Shakes head

    Off to view your masterpiece Ali. I'll be right back

  • Oh well done Ali! Running in a gale and filming. Were you holding on to George too?

    That's multi-tasking for ya. I bet the poor lad was freezing. You anorl, without your hat!

  • he was ok! but i think i will get him a jacket for wet days! it was that drizzle rain! whats an anorl??!! an idiot?!! if so then yes thats me! might invest in running hat just have fleecy dog walking one at mo(would get v soggy!) and earwarmer thingy! Yes george in left hand, phone in right! it was what i would call character building but not what i would want all the time! but recored for posterity! :) Dog with flappy ears sounds like a cool vid! :)

  • sorry! get it now, having a bit of a "Dense " mind day!! had to have it explained ! :X

  • Good video ali :D blimey that sounded windy

  • it was a bit hectic, especially that last half! :)

  • I'm loving these videos! George is ace and I hope he is going to have a few more starring roles in future vids :)

    I thought my run was windy this morning but it was nothing compared to yours.

  • George would like to be a c25k mascot dog! :)

    this video might amuse you , taken 2 weeks ago with neighbours dogs! 5 labs! i only got a youtube account recently but its fun!

    going to enjoy staying in the warm tonight! :)

  • OOPS! just had to alter that to public view on youtube , so might have to cut and paste to watch! :X

  • Go George, holding his own against that lot :D

  • he loves those labs! :)

  • brilliant...lovely and blustery run, you looked really happy :)

  • I've not got your steady filming hand! But it isn't a very posh phone! Kept me distracted and was a giggle in a strange wet windy way! :)

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