Just a quick question....if that's OK?

Our just 16 year old son, who isn't a runner, but is a very, very good rower has just had to run in the school cross country 5k. He did it in 24 mins and 19 seconds - is this good, bad or indifferent for his age and a non-runner? He came 17th out of 60.

He is now talking of starting running to add to his rowing training schedule.

Also, who uses what head-torch?




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  • Headtorch. I use an Energiser one.

  • I've got a cheapo head torch I got off Amazon. Re the time, to me that sounds quite good. I certainly couldn't have run 5k in that time at his age. According to the runners world calculator though, he has an age grading of 56%. The best run time for his age group is 13 minutes 42 seconds. This kind of statistically fits with his position of 17th out of 60 (I won't through the mathematical terms around as running is technical enough! :-) )


    Tbh, sounds like your son is doing pretty well on the fitness front, compared to most young people, all stats aside, and running can only add a string to his bow and help with his rowing.

  • Head torch - I have an energiser one. Not used it for running yet, just round the house when the power goes off and the generator doesn't kick in for 10-30 minutes.

    Your son's running? Sounds like a good time for someone who hasn't trained. His fitness obviously kept him going. Sounds like he's in a very "sporty" school to "only" be 17th if he's that fit already from all his rowing. Age grading could be a bit inaccurate as it's normally compared with a track result I think, which would be faster than a cross-country time. But why not encourage him? Will help fitness levels and be good cross-training to give his other muscles a bit of a break. I'm guessing his build might not be that of your typical Mo Farah distance runner if he's a talented and muscular rower - and, as I've never (yet) heard of a dualathon involving rowing and running, I'm guessing the 2 sports aren't entirely complementary - but I'd encourage him to give it a go.

  • I think that's a fabulous time for his age... Very impressive. And I use one by Light and Motion it's very good!

  • According to the "Age graded calculator" runnersworld.com/tools/age-... , this "only" equates to 56% for his age -- BUT, being his first run, who would know his ability or possibility??? I have a 12 YO nephew who is heavily into swimming, he ran a Parkrun in around the same time - his first run ever over any distance -- but he has not been back . Too busy swimming!! :)

  • Sounds like a good time to me.

    Head torch - Petzl

  • He's your son so of course it is good - I guess coming 17/60 says it all really - top third an' all that. I suppose being built for one sport can actually be detrimental to another, but I think running is probably good for everything - I took up shooting at school - mainly to avoid x-country runs - only to find we had to run once a week to improve our lungs because holding your breath is such an important part of shooting! I think it's great to do more than one sport anyway. :) I don't have a head torch but I am thinking of making one with a candle in a jam jar on a bit of string - I think this could catch on - or do I mean catch fire...

  • Thanks. I love to idea of the jam jar and candle...a bit like the headlights on my Saab!

    I may look at Juicyju's headtorch and investigate Light and Motion so I can double it up with my cycling. My current Hope bike light is uber powerful, but just too darned heavy.

  • I have quite a few friends (and a sister) who row competitively and run off-road for fun. Dunno that they're especially complementary in terms of the muscle groups, but both great cardio and from personal experience, running hills tones your abs which he'll be using loads anyway.

  • Thanks for the reply. He is the 5th fastest (age group) double and quad rower in the country and does cross-training, weights and other 'stuff'as well as the dreaded ergos and rowing itself. He is now looking to start running to help stamina, but he wasn't too impressed with coming 17th. He is rather competitive, and this follows through with his school work too.So far As and A*s in his GCSE mocks, except for Mandarin, which he missed an A in by 4 marks.

    GB trials early next year, so he is keen to start ASAP. We live on Dartmoor, which is hilly rather than mountainous, and should give some good workouts in the mud!

  • Now that is very impressive indeed - plus he can help you order your crispy duck :))

  • If only...the local Chinese speak Cantonese and not Mandarin...hey ho...

  • Good time. I use rowing machine as part of my cross training to improve my running. Guess it works both ways.

  • Sounds like a great time to me for a first time run. I expect if he ran the event again having the experience a first time run and knowing his capabilities he would be faster just by pacing himself better. Rowing and running is a great cross training fitness combination. One sport should benefit the fitness of the other.

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