Couch to 5K

It's been a long time ... but janda's back!

I haven't really been away, just lurking, reading the posts on a Monday morning when the weekly digest comes in. And I haven't stopped running either.

The knee problem I had back in May that took me out of the Hackney Half Marathon is in the past. A break of a month or so, LOTS of rollering, twice daily stretch routines and a bit of light walking seems to have done the trick. It did make me return slowly, just to make sure, and then the summer hols came and that threw my run-time out by a bit but I did keep going. I added in more core exercising (nothing too fancy, floor stuff working the abdominal muscles) and a few regular sessions with the resistive bands. At least I felt that I hadn't given up!

And, slowly but surely I picked up the runs again and I am now doing 3-4 times a week again. I am looking to pick up on the inaugural North London HM in March and maybe I'll make it to Hackney this time. I've even put in a couple of Parkruns recently, though my times have yet to catch up with the best. Oddly, I slept late this morning and didn't give myself enough time to get to this morning's so I had to do a 30 minute easy run partly on the Parkrun route after the event. (My usual 7 o'clock alarm - the lovely grand daughters - didn't materialise till gone 8!!) Seeing how slippery it was made me think it wasn't all bad that I missed Parkrun.

I'm running by time now rather than distance and find that helps me more. I look to go further rather than just faster and feel I am building strength and stamina with it. Sunday's long slow runs are currently 70 minutes which I'll repeat a couple more times before building again. It's been great getting out to the local parks (I can connect four of them pretty easily where I am) and seeing some familiar faces: dog walkers, Sunday strollers and so on.

I love this 'follow' facility we get now on HU. It's let me catch up with some of my old connections and you with me too. I'll try to keep in touch. In the meantime, keep on running!

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Welcome back. Parkrun was a slip slidy affair but do-able

I like doing floor exercises to build up the body for running. They're good an no gym fees required. I have got much fitter and stronger since embarking on them. I use Jillian Michaels fitness DVD's

I know you are doing long runs but you need some short fast ones too. Try some quick 3k's. Easy to fit into your routine too

Happy running


Yes. I'm looking at three lots of plans: Runners' World Smartcoach, Running Bug HM plan and a My Asics one. All combine long, slow easy runs with various tempo and speed runs. It's basically what I did before but need to fit it into my already busy week. Cheers!


I've used the myasics plans for a while now and love em! Running one at the minute for a 10 k. They've been spot on so far. Used their plans for a 5 k race, a 10 mile race and a half marathon


I like it too but I'm only just started so I'll have to see if it is what I need. Comparing plans as I said. Did a 45 minute run today s part of the pre-conditioning runs. I'll be picking up the 'getting faster,' stage on Tuesday as we get into one of the year's busiest periods.


I like the phases. I like the slow run phase best. LOL The point to it though is for leg strength building. So, for all those who think slow running is not very good, you're wrong, it is! You're building your racing legs!

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