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When did you do your first Park Run?

Just wondering When did you do your first Park Run? Or when are you planning to do it?

I am on week 7 and cover less than 4km, so find the idea of ParkRun daunting. But I just can't wait to do it!

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Hi Lily. I don't have much advice as I haven't graduated yet, but just wanted to say I feel the same-(I am also just on wk 7) I do cover more than 4k including the walking ;-) I figure once we have finished the program we could do with a new challenge and park run might be the way to go with it. As an aside, I ran for the first time yesterday with someone else and it definitely pushed me on a bit so I can imagine that you could easily get carried away- although I gather some have tougher routes than others which might be a factor.

I am planning on doing my first one after Christmas (maybe even Christmas day if I can find a local one)


That's a great idea! What a way to burn off those mince pies ;) Good luck with it


Hi Lilly

I did my 1st one this weekend. Graduated last week but have run a couple of 5ks during week 9 as I had the energy to keep going :)

If you feel comfortable then go for it. Loads of people were walking it, pushing prams, walking dogs, running dogs, or run/walking and some just raced it. Its up to you.

Great Atmosphere so enjoy it!.

BTW I came 3rd last but I RAN all the way. :) :)

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That's great to know there is such a variety of people there! I would be a pram jogger. Well done on graduating and your 1st park run :)


enjoy it :)


Fab well done you


I did my first ParkRun as my W9r3 graduation run.... but I ran the PR course as W9r2 to test it out (just to make sure). Luckily I was running 5k in 30 minutes so it seemed natural to run PR for graduation. My local course (Newbury) has runners ranging from 17 minutes to 45 minutes most weeks, and you'll be welcome at any PR.

Less than 4km is 25 minutes is about 5km in 33 minutes, so as long as you can run for 33 minutes you'll manage a 5km Park Run. Your time does not matter at all and there is no problem if you need to walk some of the course.


Although not a Parkrun I did my first 5k race as my week 9 run 1. I had no idea how far I was running in the 30mins and just decided I would keep on going to the finish line. Laura accompanied me all the way and I just kept running thorugh the warm down walk time, and then a couple of weeks later I did my first Park Run. When it feels right for you just go and do it.

Good luck with finishing C25K


I ran my first parkrun about 3 months after graduating and I was worried as I am not a fast runner. First time I ran it in 35 min and it felt like I'd worked hard to get that time:) looking back I shoudlnt have worried and lots of people run and walk to finish so I'd say just go for it. Run your normal workout run and see how you get on and do a few more intervals at the end if you are keen to go. I find it a good run and nice to see other people as I usually run alone

There are a range of abilities at my parkrun too who fall into one of three broad categories. First the club runner who are pretty fast the next people like me who can run all the way but not necessary trying to beat personal best each week. And those who are improving their fitness and who run most but do bits of walking . there are sometime speople running with children or buggies or dogs as well.


Cool. Thanks for the encouragement


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