Guilty pleasure?

In the last couple of weeks my normal routes have become very, very muddy, I like to go off road and have some nice bridle paths near me. I do a mixture of road and grassy footpaths. Last week, parts of the bridle path were very boggy, previously I would daintily try and hop to the driest part, no chance here, mud and puddles the complte width, so I though, blow it, run straight through, and I did, wow what a feeling! Remember enjoying jumping in puddles and getting told off for getting muddy? Even the park run is rather sloshy in places, but I love it, the spatter of mud on your legs is a badge of honour, running medals! In fact I saw people asking others to take photos of the backs of their legs for them! And, in the week I went out in the rain, loved it! I was toasty and warm jogging past others huddled in big coats under an umbrella.

I can't beleive it! This running lark does strange things to you, takes you back to your childhood, puddles? Love em!

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  • Absolutley Madge. You should see the state of my shoes from the bridle paths. At times it feels harder than running on the beach ;-)

  • Ha ha! Yes, I am so proud of my muddy, grubby shoes, trophies they are!

  • I know exactly what you mean. My whole route is muddy and I also have to try not to trip up and fall in the canal. I don't think I'd enjoy that puddle so much. My shoes are absolutely filthy,and my socks and the bottoms of my tights. Love it :)

    And yes running past cold people huddled in coats under umbrellas makes me feel fairly smug too :)

  • Ooh yes, mind that canal, that is a puddle too far! And the people we pass by have no idea what they are missing! Happy days!

  • Love it! This damp weather has turned my hair into a dripping frizz ball to go with the muddy legs!

  • Yes, I turn into CrystalTips, remember her?

  • It is quite remarkable how few clothes you need to keep you warm!

  • Yes, the long sleeve top will have to make an appearance soon, not cold enough yet for the beanie or buff, gloves I have a problem with, like them, but once hot have to take them off, need a string like I used to have at school! Might work, but can't be doing with anything 'flappy'

  • I noticed my son 'carrying' his buff twisted round his wrist/hand when it had got too warm for his neck. I've adapted that so that I cover my fingers until I warm up.

  • That's as useful idea, thanks, might try that

  • You are so so is. I don't feel I've done a proper run unless I come back really dirty and sweaty!!

  • Couch to 5K has a lot to answer for!

  • Running in a tee shirt when everyone else is swathed in heavy coats and hats makes you feel invincible. I was always such a wuss but not now! You soon get used to it don't you. It's surprising how fast your body adapts. I thought I'd freeze to death for sure. I take my waterproof running jacket with me, tied round my middle, for the inevitable walk back home. It's only thin but it seems the equivalent of a fur coat!

  • Yes, I actually like it on the cool side and don't mind a bit of rain, mind you, I wear glasses and heavy rain is a bit of a nuisance, no windscreen wipers, I might try a peaked cap or visor. When I first started this I would never have imagined going out in the cold and rain wouldn't bother me!

  • Yes, definitely try a peaked cap. Unless the rain is coming right at you horizontally, it's great - no rain drops on your glasses and no steaming up either :)

  • Thanks, I will try one, I'm always a bit concerned about keeping stuff anchored on my head, but I usually put my hair in a pony tail, so that should help pulled through at the back.

  • Love the mud ! also find my Lidl running vest perfectly adequate for running in November...weird....

  • Yes, I'm still in vests/short sleeve tops at the moment, treated myself to a new long sleeve top the other day, which has got a double layer for wind protection at the front, just got to wait for it to get cool enough to wear it!

  • Running through puddy muddles is just such fun; channelling your inner 6-yr old!!

  • Definitely, and even better, there is no one to tell me off for doing it and getting mucky! Maybe that's why it is so satisfying!

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