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Recomendations of a fitness tracker


Any one recommend a fitness tracker some people recommend cheap ones being just as good as a fit bit.. I’ve looked at reviews for fit bits and they are variable I’m just sending back a £40 smart watch off amazon as it didn’t pair with my Apple phone .

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I want one that’s a good step , running , sleep and blood pressure tracker

I had a Fitbit versa which I loved ...14 months in and it just fell apart ! Upgraded to an Apple Watch and I love it ...the series 3 have come down in price a bit. I have had cheaper ones before but never rated any I had. In my opinion you get what you pay for. I see it as an investment in me !!!

Cheers x still pondering


For what it’s worth, my Fitbit charge (2?) is over 4 years old and still working fine - it’s got everything I need. My husband, however, got one at the same time as me and had to get a new one after 3 years as it went crazy.

I had fitbit for years and loved them all, now have a Garmin, just because i’ve always wanted one and i love it, Willow has my fitbit charge 2 and now he loves it


I have a fitbit inspire hr which is good but screen very small and impossible to see in the sunlight. Thinking of changing to a versa lite. Anyone got one??


I have a Fitbit charge 3 and love it, I had the charge 2 previously but upgraded after the screen is cracked. if your new to tracking Fitbit inspire HR is a great place to start it’s not too expensive and can do everything the others can through the app. I’ve tried a Garmin and they too are very good however they can be very expensive. Bp monitor is not something you get in a watch.

I highly recommend the polar fitness trackers. The first one I had was around 40 pound and did everything I needed and I love the polar dashboard and app, such detailed results all stored as pong as you want online. I never tried a Fitbit, I can’t comment on those. I’m on my 3rd polar now in around 6 years, the 1st one still works but it’s in a box ready to be sold on second hand x wonderful things


I have a Garmin Forerunner 45. When I was researching these, this one seemed to hit the sweet spot between price, quality and features. It is especially good for running and walking (and can record other forms of exercise as well). It has inbuilt GPS which was a must for me because I don’t want to carry my phone with me when I run. It records pace, time, heart rate, cadence, distance, calories burned, etc, and maps your route. The data is synched to an app - I use Garmin’s own app but you can use others such as Strava as well. It counts your daily steps and other data. Another plus for me is that it doesn’t have a load of additional features that I wouldn’t use, eg those specific to swimmers and cyclists.

I would recommend this watch if your main activities are running and walking and you want to keep things fairly simple.

Thanx really appreciate in-depth reviews of the watch .. will keep you posted👍


I used to have a fitbit but it died. After lots of research I decided on a garmin and have recently bought a garmin forerunner 45. I kept an eye on amazon and got it at a really good price. Its designed for runners and does everything your looking for. Also syncs fine with my Huawei phone, no problems. Would recommend x

freespirit71 in reply to Baggaz

Cheers amazon got it for £129.99 is that good? Also does it track sleep ? X

BaggazGraduate in reply to freespirit71

Got mine for £115.99 a few weeks ago and thats the cheapest I've seen it. I put it in my basket and waited for a notification it had gone down. But £129.99 is pretty good. Yes, it tracks sleep and exercise and uses that data to work out your body battery. It tracks your exercise minutes for the week, steps, water intake, heart rate, weight, period, calories. You can set it up how you want it. Watch doesn't have a touch screen, uses buttons, but it didn't take long for me to get used to. App also has training plans on it, which I might use later, but I stuck with Couch25k as I'd already started. I'm now on WK 9 so almost there. I think it's a really good watch and app, not too complicated and great for beginner runners.

freespirit71 in reply to Baggaz

Baggaz what a fantastic reply, one other person on here recommend the garmin.. all the best to your coach to 5k cheers

I’ll keep you posted x😜

BaggazGraduate in reply to freespirit71

No probs, I took ages choosing one, watched loads of vids and checked out reviews. Happy running!

freespirit71 in reply to Baggaz

It sure does,, I had a cheap one 2 years ago it fell off my wrist @ Hyde park .. still bleeding looking😆🤣😂

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