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Hi all, just ran w 3 r 1 yesterday so I'm on a rest day today, really pleased with my progress so far, how does it happen, how do you go from not doing any or very little exercise now and then to can't wait for my next run? I would really like to go again today but highly recommeded by everyone that a rest day is really important and I do understand why. Can anyone recommend a fitness tracker as I would really like to know how far I'm am actually running, heart rate, etc, not just the time. By the way I love reading all the posts on here, you really are an inspirational lot😁🏃‍♀️

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How about treating yourself to something as a graduation reward?

There are so many posts here from people whilst still on the programme who track their runs and feel demoralised by the results when they are actually doing really well.

The other advantage of waiting until nearer graduation is that you may have a better idea of what you want to do with your running afterwards and that will inform the choice of tech.


How exciting, I am exactly at the same point as you but did my wk 3 R1 this morning. I don’t have a running tracker as such but I do have a fitbit charge 2 and I love achieving the 10000 steps a day, I’ve watched as my resting heart rate has dropped as I’ve got fitter, so I don’t use it as a running tool but I enjoy watching my overall health / sleep improve. I like the idea of Googleme to wait until graduation as I am sure there are so many things out there for running as such but like you I don’t know what I don’t know x


I've just got fitbit charge 2 and I love it -really impressed - I did have the alta and liked that but wanted something to track heart rate


You could just use an app such as Strava which shows how far you’ve been, pace etc (I never take much notice but it is interesting to see!)

The Fitbit app will measure steps etc too if you have your phone in your pocket all day

I also have a fitbit charge 2 and can recommend it. It has your steps distance and heart rate at the touch of a button as you go around. You can also track your route through the app which I found really good as you can see where you have run and compare over the weeks. Good luck


Well done! You can crosstrain on the running rest day, cycling, swimming, even walking, anything, as long as you don't run for the day, as the legs need to recover..

A Garmin watch comes highly recommended, Garmin Forerunner 15 or 25....


Thank you for all your advice and tips, just need to make my mind up now!

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