Couch to 5K

Completed the program in a park, a little worried to hit the treadmill!

Hi all!

I completed the couch to 5k plan yesterday! I am relocating to Pittsburgh, USA next month end. Going from India to a subzero temperature (-25 degrees), I am a little worried. Here I always ran in parks, but there I might have to hit the gym with the super cold weather outside..

So, tell me people is it as easy to run on a treadmill? Reducing speed et all?

Till now, I have only walked the mill some times, that too never leaving the rail..

I don't want to break my schedule of running 30 minutes!

Someone please reply.. :)

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Well done on completing the program. I have been doing about 50% of my runs on the treadmill. It is easier running but more difficult to answer the "why am I doing this" questions in your head. About half way through my treadmill runs I know I can complete it, its not that difficult, but why bother. I failed once and just slowed the treadmill down to a walk even though I wasn't that tired just bored. I turned what should have been a long run into a Fartlek session just for something more exciting to do. You need to have a good plan for the treadmill and stick to it.


Congratulations on graduating! Your announcement was so low key I had to read that bit twice ;)

No idea about the treadmill as I've never used one, but I do have a static bike which I occasionally dust off but to be honest I find it really boring and have to be highly motivated to use it on a regular basis. But one thing I did notice was that during my 5 weeks 'on the couch' I could use the bike as low impact exercise towards the end of my rehab and it was so much easier than it was before I started the c25k programme. So if that's anything to go by I would imagine you would find the treadmill 'easier'

Anyway, congratulations again and good luck with your move and your treadmill running. Hope the temperature change isn't too much of a shock to the system!


Well done on graduating!

The thing I've found about running on a treadmill is that you need to start and end your session carefully. It does feel strange to me to be running and not actually moving forward if you see what I mean. Therefore you need to get accustomed by just walking at a steady pace at the start and at the end of the session. I often find that I am little bit dizzy at the end. Overall I much prefer running outside - it is less boring as the others have said...

Good luck and well done again. :)


Congratulations on graduating! I hope you feel amazing.

I have used a treadmill a few times. Not hard to get to grips with but I do feel a little dizzy when I get off, so be careful.

Worst problem is boredom so you need to think of ways to combat that - audio books, music etc

Good luck!


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