The birth of Jogging

I found the link to this paper on Reddit/Running

Basically a history of how the act of "jogging" came about in the US in the 1960's. I can remember the 60's - although I have read that IF you can remember the 60's , then you weren't there! :)

But I do remember people "jogging" in the 60's - and I couldn't do it! But I can now!! :)

Reading through this, it feels much like C25K to me -- BUT it was never ever meant to go on to non-stop running of 5Ks, 10K's, marathons, etc. Jogging was essentially run/walk - for periods up to 30 minutes -- EVERY day!! to combat the already prevalent modern day obesity, and to live longer!

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  • Interesting bazza, thanks for posting. It comes up now & then on this forum: whether we are actually running or jogging. It sounds like many of us start jogging on the Programme & build towards running, but then will go back to a mix of the two at times...

  • I'm ggetting into the run/walk thing too Bazza, had a great outing on Sunday... ran 3.5K to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, and walked around for a bit, actually got a bit lost so walked a bit further than I intended! Ran home a different route, 2.5K... covered 10K in all! I took out a membership too, so hope to do this often and see how the garden changes over the months.

  • This is for me what "running" is all about - not races or PB's :)

  • I quite agree, after my awful PR I doubt I will ever enter a race ever again, I'm happy running on my own. I wish I was a bit faster but I'm speeding up gradually...around 8.20 per KM, down from about 10 mins! I remember from swimming how long it took me to get my speed up... years and years lol! I'm just loving getting out in the fresh air...if I was a bit faster I could go a bit further, that's all I'm concerned with ATM, varying and enjoying my routes.

  • I remember the 60s jogging thing. I joined the Girl Guides and the very first evening they took us out onto the streets doing a Run20 Walk 20 steps. I was only little and I couldn't keep up so I just went home. They called round to my house and I got told off. The following week at the Girl Guides I got told off for it again. That was the last time I went and never ever thought I could run.

  • Oh that took me back. I went to guides twice and the 2nd time they wanted us to hold hands. This was far too sissy for me and my friend so we pretended to go to guides for the next 3 weeks but in fact went to the ice cream/coffee shop and spent our subs there. Got found out and that was the end of guides/ice cream. :(

  • I'm sure we are both better people for those experiences. :-)

  • I have a friend whose career has been writer and ghost writer. She co-wrote or ghosted a number of health books in the 70s, (and since then) including a Fitness for women book in her own name. She lived what she wrote too, and is in great shape in her 70s.

    She wrote science fiction too, and still does.

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