The beauty of slow jogging

The beauty of slow jogging

Before we left home for our holiday, I decided that for the next few months, I would do nothing but slow running at a conversational pace (apart from a weekly blowout at parkrun after we have returned). I achieve this slow running by forcing myself to run using a 4/4 breathing pattern - any faster pattern than that means that I am over exerting myself. The breathing pattern has become quite automatic now -as has the slow 8 mins per K pace that results from it. There are a lot of runners jogging along over here and they are basically all doing the same thing. At varying paces, but for all of them I can barely hear their breathing as they go past me when I am walking.

So far, over the last few days, I have seen a roadrunner, a chipmunk and a hummingbird during my slow runs. I just hope I dont see any rattlesnakes !!πŸ˜ƒ


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  • Hi Bazza.....this post may just have re-motivated me! I haven't done ANY running for around 3 'finest hour' was to run 7K non stop in nearly an hour (I'm 55) and, to be honest, my home life doesn't really allow for me to spend that much time 2/3 times each week.

    You have aroused my interest in just enjoying a slow meander while taking in all the sights and sounds around this space!


  • I totally agree with the breathing pattern, such a good indicator of effort!

    Hopefully you won't meet any rattlesnakes, that would spoil the 4/4 breathing pattern for sure :-)

  • And I'm worried about tree roots on my runs.

  • Great post, Bazza!

    Being a "slowie," a few weeks ago I decided to start running for endurance and not worry about speed. I don't take any music with me. The only gear I take is my iPhone and my Garmin. I pick out one area of concentration to focus on, (form,stance, breathing, foot strike, etc.). Through using this method, I have learned to enjoy the sounds of nature, of the city, and become more aware of my surroundings. My endurance has improved. The only walking I do is while I wait for the GPS to kick in (2-3 min.) my best run at the slower pace has been 8k in 1hour 14 minutes. I love the benefits of a slow jog.

  • What is a 4/4 breathing pattern?

  • Hi Bazza, I personally think that in the long run (excuse the pun!) your approach is the one that pays off - and not because I too don't run fast (even at my younger, fittest and lightest I couldn't do speed, no matter how hard I tried) I believe that doing as you said makes it much easier to keep running for the rest of our lives!

    One exception: you are allowed to run very very fast if you meet a rettlesnake!

    Enjoy the rest of your fab holidays!

  • PS - I remember learning that breathing pattern as a teen when hiking in the Alps - and I still use it all the time

  • Fab post Bazza, running like hell sounds like a good plan to me when one spots a rattle snake - preferably before it spots you!

    PS similar question to others what is the 4/4 breathing thing?

  • Hi Noaky12,

    PS similar question to others what is the 4/4 breathing thing?

    I believe that you breathe in for 4 paces and then breathe out for 4 paces.



  • Makes sense thanks George. I thought it might be that but wasn't sure.


  • No probs Noaky, You can also mix it up a bit, 4/4, 4/3, 3/3, 3/2, 2/1 then go back up again just like going up and down a ladder; makes the run interesting.


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