Couch to 5K

Thanks to all who encouraged me last week :)

Today I ran (and walked, and slithered, and retched, and laughed, and stumbled, and ran some more) 10k over Moel Famau in North Wales in blinding fog and biting cold. And I really, really, really loved it.

So just a quick euphoric thanks to everyone who buoyed me up last week and told me I could do it (you were right), and to Sallycycle if you're still about, I lay the blame for this fell thing squarely at your feet (and thanks, again).

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Go you....!


Wow I know that mountain!!!As a child (many many years ago)) our school in Liverpool took us there for a week.We climbed it.Just in our school shoes etc.But still remember how steep it was! Great achievement to do 10k on it!!!!##


We used to live in Liverpool and walked it lots, so it felt like an old friend. Would really recommend running in hills. Don't think I've ever felt so alive :)


Brilliant well done


Woww!! well done!

I walked up Cairngorm this year after a 3 year break from Scotland and couldn't believe the difference running has made to my fitness.

I did my first continuous 10k run last night and was dreaming about the next challenge - Ben Nevis -my parents did it when they were 70 so no room for being smug in our family. I am hoping that all this running will make it possible!

I have been invited to do the 3 peaks challenge next year and was toying with the idea of doing Snowden this christmas to test my stamina but was worried about walking in bad weather, not being fit enough, retching and hacking when the going gets tough etc lol. You have now given me the shove I need to get it organised.

Thanks for your inspiring post and well done again : )


Just bl**dy do it! There is nothing like a mountain (even a little one) for making a body feel alive, and if you can run now, you can walk for AGES before you get tired. Lots of porridge, a decent merino base-layer, and the promise of hot tea at the bottom, and you're all set! :) I've got an eye on Ben Nevis too (walking, not running) for similar reasons - have been up there, but on my dad's back when I was 6 months old, so should really do it under my own steam too.

Just to plant a bit of a seed in your head...I thought I'd never be able to run this, but fell runners walk (scramble, crawl) uphill if needed, so it's kind of just a turbo-walk. And running down steep hills as fast as you can is UNBELIEVABLY good fun. And this was my first race, and despite my worries that I might be last over the line, I finished a whole hour before the last finishers. So maybe you should give it a go at speed...

And I'm glad you're inspired - nice to be able to pass along the friendly shove I got from others here last week. Keep it going!

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