Week 6

Completed run 3 today and I am over the moon. It wasn't the best run to date, I felt sick after about 6 mins and was ready to give up but I managed to keep going and after 10 mins was feeling OK and going well, nice and steadyi then decided to change my route slightly, bad mistake I had to run the last 3 mins up hill and I was about all in when a man with a dog who I had passed earlier said "well done lass you're doing fine" then Laura said those lovely words " you can slow down to a walk" and I grinned from ear to ear. To top it all I had a 10 mins walk back home!! So I don't know if I am runner yet but I will plod on to week 7 definitely feeling pleased with myself.

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  • Yeah , well done you. I completed this 'run' yesterday, very hard. Don't feel like a runner either yet but hey had a little tear when Laura said it.

    Well done us

  • For some reason, that first 5-10 minutes is the hardest. Maybe it takes that long to get into a rhythm or something? Anyway, you did it AND you're outside which is great. Good on you for not quitting and toughing it out through the sickness bit.

  • When a stranger says something like that it means you're definitely a runner! Really well done. Graduate badge coming up soon!

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments, they really help to keep me motivated. Week 7 run 1 on Wednesday

  • I'm in the same place as you. Week 7 run 10 ill happen this morning. I'm dreading it but know that It will be good for me in the long run. Running 25 minutes is hard! I'm wondering if I can start listening to something else but afraid I Will Start Walking Without Laura!

    Anyway good luck and tell us how it goes on Wednesday.

  • It is more a mental thing with these longer runs, telling yourself to keep going and to slow down if necessary. I hope it has gone OK for you. I have decided to take 2 days off in between these longer runs to let my old bones recover. Keeping running!

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