Race Prep - Part 1

Race Prep - Part 1

Thank you everyone's support over the last days - i haven't had a good running week but i went out Wednesday night a 8:40 (race time) and managed 6km.

I have managed to run/cycle most of the race route and know what to expect apart from the 2km-4.5km but sometimes knowing too much is a bad thing.

I picked up my kit last night ! I now love picking up my kit before a race as it adds to the excitement - last night there was such a buzz! Music, photographers and trainers. The even installed treadmills into the stand and had a huge screen with yesterday's running conditions set. The best part they made a wall with every runners name and number printed onto it, a young lady girl was there to help you find your name and then was on hand to take your picture (easily pleased but i thought the sentiment was lovely!) I must say this is the most organised, exciting pre -race prep i have experienced. So if picking up your kit was exciting, i am sure the pre-race atmosphere will be electric and of course the standard Chile after race party will be amazing!!

P.S I don't work for Nike or get paid to promote them but they do know what runners like and need

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  • Wow! Fab outfit. I bet you are longing to get out there.

  • I am pleased the picture of the race t-shirt looked pants but yesterday i was really pleased - i have fined tuned my playlist tomorrow to get me up that hill. Haven't done so much addition since school! I just want to get going now!! Tomorrow i am going to wonder to the finish line (in is literally down the road from me) just to have a nosy!

  • Oh Vix, I feel excited for you ! Cor blimey , that's some fab looking kit you have got there , I am green with envy !

    Oh I cant wait to read your write up , Good luck ! :-) xxx

  • i was pleased when i picked up my kit yesterday- the oh was like i want that t-shirt - for a moment he was like i should have entered just the t-shirt. Tomorrow i must admit with everyone will look fab and the photos will look amazing. Plus with everyone wearing the t-shirt we won't be hard to spot in the dark. I am considering nipping to mall to find some neon yellow nail varnish - or is that a step too far ?

    i do really love the fact everyone wears the t-shirt on the race day.

  • Oh I cant wait to read your report , please will you show us some photos ?

    And a BIG FAT 100% YES for the nail varnish, yep you gotta go for it Girl ! :-) xxx

  • I went to the mall and found a yellow that is very close to the t-shirt called sun kissed - well if that is not a sign nothing is.

    Actually a brand (china glaze) i have never used but now i wonder why i haven't - its very good - just done a test drys super fast and has a lovely matt finish -

    i am set for saturday now i am sure the nail polish will make me run faster too.

  • Brilliant ! Go faster nail polish ! I bet you look the business Vix ! :-) xxx

  • Vix this is all too too too exciting!! Loving you have nail varnish to match your kit :)

  • Vixchile it sounds fabulous. Hope you're going to post some photos. It really sounds great fun. I'm a bit jealous :) xx

  • I will be taking photos and i will try to post them here before i leave for Uruguay on sunday. I hope that i will see some photos of the santa dash too!!

  • Will do some but you might be in Uruguay by then. The race is 2pm Sunday but will post anyway. Might look a bit chilly at the start and more beetroot style at the end!! :)

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