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Forget New Year's Resolutions - I'm having a Year End Resolution!

RIGHT. I'm typing this down so I have to commit to it :D

I figured it was time to start increasing my distances as I've got the Manc 10k to train for in May, it feels ages away but I know that in reality - it ain't! :o I've been pondering when I'm gonna be able to fit in a weekly longer run. And I've just realised that due to a surplus of holidays to use up - I've booked every Monday off for the rest of the year - perfect! A penny drop moment, if you will. (Duh! :D )

SO... Weds and Fri mornings I'm gonna get up at 5am and do my 30 min run as per usual... but on Mondays whilst I'm off work.. I'm going to attempt to increase my time/distance by 10% each week - which if my calculations are correct, should take me to 10k or somewhere near it on 29th December!

Please wish me luck! :D (I think I might need it :) )

Caz xx

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It's good to have a plan! I downloaded a 10 k plan from myasics website as I've got a

10 k race in December. You could get one too so you know exactly how far you should be running to get ready for it, as it's easy to run further than you need to. The plans are tailored to suit you and they get modified depending on how you're doing. Basically they ask, how old you are, male or female, how many times you run during the week, eg 2,3,4 and what sort of plan you want - easy, average or hard. You answer those few questions, it crunches the numbers and churns out a plan for you. It even gives you the exact timings so you can use a Garmin or whatever to set your pace. I've run 3 races now using these plans. Love em!


I have had a look at some plans but I can't seem to find any that I fancy! :( I'm going to have a go at doing my own I think, following the 10% increase rule for one run a week (Mondays).. aiming more for the time rather than the distance for now...

17th Nov - 33 mins - 5.5k

24th Nov - 36 mins - 6.05k

1st Dec - 40 mins - 6.65k

8th Dec - 44 mins - 7.32k

15th Dec - 48 mins - 8.05k

22nd Dec - 53 mins - 8.86k

29th Dec - 58 mins - 9.74k

^ These plus 2 x easy 30 min runs Weds/Fridays.

And if all else fails I've still got the New Year to find a "proper" plan hehe :D


Sounds like a great plan and lovely to have Monday's off too! You will more than manage it and you will have to let us know how you get on. I really like the 10km distance - i know this sounds odd but i find 5km hard as it take me ages to settle into my runs so then it over and i just feel boy that was hard work. I find with 10km once i settle into it i feel i can just enjoy the run (when the conditions are just right :) ) Have you had a look at some of the training plans as I have found some of these useful. Good luck and happy Mondays

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I have a feeling I am a little bit similar to you too - it takes me ages to get my engine into full thrust! :D I've had a look at some plans but as I've just explained to misswobble I'm going to have a go at creating my own! The Mossy plan!


I have a 3.2 k planned for today and the last one I ran was 4.8 k. My next planned one is 4.8 k. So you see what I mean about not running too far. It is possible to over run.

Take care, and have fun!


Thanks MW :) x


great idea, and how nice to have every monday off! :) you can do it! i've set a year end resolution to do Parkrun in under 30 mins! :)


Thanks Ali :) Short weeks are indeed a lovely end to the year! Same happened to me last year too.

Good luck for the Parkruns, would love to get to that point myself some time! But working on distance as opposed to speed for the time being :)


You've got loads of time and a good plan so you'll be fine! I read something recently that suggested our training shouldn't be in steady increases each week but it's better to reduce the weekly mileage regularly. It sounds as if MissWobble does that and she is an expert!

I'm doing something similar. Each week I have a speed or shorter run then a 5K or stamina run, then a long run increasing by half kilometer each week, then dropping the total distance the following week.

Good luck!


Thanks Irishprincess, do you mean you're increasing one week and then reducing the next, and then increasing again? Sort of staggering it? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?


Yes sort of. So the first week I ran a total of 15.5K, the second week 14K, third week 8K, the fourth week 14K. In other words, there is not a direct increase each week but I am still getting in a longer run! Sorry it sounds complicated when I put it like that. Your plan sounds great so just stick to it. Mine works for me!


Ahhh now I understand :) that sounds sensible - thank you for the tip! :)


Many books and training plans recommend an easier week every fourth week, eg, for increases from 10 km onwards (just picking these as easy numbers): 10, 11, 12, 10 then pick up again with 13, 14, 15, 12, 16...


Thank you for the tip swanscot :)


I like the Year-End resolution, and I think taking Mondays off to run is a great idea! Go for it - your plan looks good to me :)


Thank you Annie - really looking forward to my run today :)


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