Couch to 5K

W7R1 Done!

So I've got the day off work today and needed to take OH to work (and therefore had to get up early on my day off, humph) so I decided to make use of the time and go to the park to run.

I'd done the 25 minute run from W6R3 on Saturday around the roads and it felt ok, today it felt bloody horrible! I think because I was at the park and the surface was muddy and slippery and wet.

I have wet feet. Grrr.

So I've done it and feel great, but it wasn't easy. Next two runs will be on the pavements due to work etc so maybe a bit easier?

Also tried out Endomondo for the first time this morning and I'm not sure the GPS tracking was as accurate as Map My Run. The route I do is a marked out route therefore I know the distance at Endomondo seemed to come up a little short.

I'll try it again Wednesday and then I can directly compare against MMR.

Happy Monday peeps!!

PS - Still no sodding rain....

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I think Endomondo gives you short measures too. Someone else was saying that phone apps aren't as good as a proper GPS.


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