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Laura is talking to me again!

For some mysterious reason my app is working again and I once again had Laura for company.She seemed a little subdued and I struggled to hear her over my heavy breathing and gasping for breath! But I managed to complete week 2 run 3.After my adventure with my American friend(2.5 minutes of running)1.5 came easier....was getting dark tho....hope everyone has good running.....onwards and upwards.....

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I like Laura! She seems so friendly and encouraging. I Googled her, and she works for NHS Choices and really did do the programme herself. You must have had a glitch with your phone or the app I suspect.


Yes....real problems so grateful it's working now.


These things are sent to try us. The tech is more difficult than the runs!

Well done, keep slowly plugging away. Have fun!


Sounds like a problem with the app. Why don't you try downloading the podcast instead so you don't have to run Laura-less! At the very least it would be good to have a backup for when the app is playing up...


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