Laura is back!

Thankfully my newly downloaded pod cast worked and Laura was back helping me to complete week 6 run 1 .I went out in the pitch black and bitter cold.But I had a great head torch this time which someone on the forum recommended in a post. My only problem( well not my only one lol) was that if I angled my head incorrectly my breathe appeared as a cloud in front of my eyes and it was like running through intermittent fog!!! But all done and it would have been so easy not to go.Happy running everyone!

5 Replies

  • That made me laugh about your cloud of fog! I can just picture it :-) well done and keep going !

  • Wow you're like your own running smoke machine - 80s disco atmosphere :D

  • go faster beanie hat with red head torch over it, matched with very fetching (I think not) running tights would clear any disco dance floor...fog or no fog lol!

  • Sounds very glam - new look for a Christmas party?!

  • Brilliant. Your own fog !! Well done you. Happy days

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