Teletubby running!

So I wore my bright purple long sleeved top today for the first time this winter. On my path I saw some mums with toddlers and pushchairs coming towards me. One of the toddlers was a little boy of about 3 who was walking beside his mum.

As I was approaching them the little boy waved at me and got very excited and shouted "hello". I waved and said hello back and ran on with a big smile on my face. How sweet.

Then I thought, " oh I bet he thought I was a teletubby!". One of them does wear bright purple methinks!! Oh well.

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  • I doubt he thought that. I bet he thought that looks like fun, I want to do that !!!

  • Or roadrunner, roadrunner is purple too :)

  • Roadrunner sounds better than teletubby.......

  • A new name for the C25K perhaps... Teletubby to Roadrunner :D

  • Love it!

  • Oh Oh ;-) probably just excited to see an IrishPrincess

  • Ha ha, I'm sure it wasn't that!!! Don't think the Tellytubbies are on much these days, or have they had a renaissance..? Yeah, TinkyWinky is the purple one, but I'm sure you looked more like a superheroine to him as you sped by:) Bet he can't wait to be running free too:) x

  • TinkyWinky it is then!

  • Dang you, wifie! ;-) I want to be a TinkyWinky Teletubbie too! I just ordered a purple Ron Hill long-sleeved t-shirt to go with my purple/green capris! :-)

  • It does seem that alot of running gear are shall we say the vivid colours :D wait till they see me in my running tights and light blue jacket :D they might need medication after that haha

  • I was in my luminous yellow top yesterday. Just the thing for my prat fall! Blush

    I think kids want to run too. I bet he was plaguing his mum for the rest of the day

  • I'm sure he was just very excited to see a happy healthy lady doing something she loves xxx

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