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Week 6 Run 1 Done and Dusted!!

So pleased! Was probably a bit naughty but on the last 5 min run and when Laura said there was 2 and a half mins left I did up the pace a little bit just to see how it felt and it felt good!!

I've got lots of day off work coming up so I'm going to make sure I do a run during day light so I can actually see the sights!

Still haven't managed to run in the rain yet though. :-(

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Its not naughty if you have it in you to step up the pace at the end then go for it! Sometimes its good as it just reminds yourself that you can do it and when you struggling you will think back to this and keep on pushing to the end. :)

Living in Santiago i don't think i will ever get to run in the rain, which for me i am happy with :) It hasn't rained for two weeks now, the last time it "rained" it really like the lightest of what we would call drizzle. There is no forecast for any rain any time soon - it is springtime so i am guessing we have seen all the rain for this year now.


You'll get to run in the rain soon enough! Be careful what you wish for.LOL

Have a good time with your next run. Take care mind!


thats great :D nothing wrong with doing that at all :D i have managed to miss the rain so far too :D bound to catch up with is at some point .. well done :D


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