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Got a great deal on a Forerunner 220+HRM

Normally these sorts of things pass me by, but on Saturday I was having a nose at the John Lewis website (with Chrimbo shopping in mind) and came across their listing for a Forerunner 220 with heart rate monitor. They had the price listed as "£139.99 - £239.99", which I thought a bit strange.

"I wonder what will happen if I add one to my shopping basket" I thought to myself. So I added it to see. Went into the basket at £139.99. Must be a glitch I thought, there's no way they'll sell me one for that price.

Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. So I carried on with the order, opting to collect from my local Waitrose on Sunday. All the time thinking that at some point I'd get a call or email to say there was an error and the order would be cancelled.

But it kept progressing through the system, changing to despatched status on Saturday evening. Then on Sunday I got the email to say it was ready to be collected. Still thinking there would be a catch - that it wouldn't be a Forerunner 220 in the box - I went and picked it up.

Beggar me if it wasn't all fine and dandy. Brand new FR220 with the HRM, no outward signs of anything "wrong", packaging all perfect. Not had chance to turn it on and check it thoroughly yet but all seems fine so far :)

I don't know if it was a glitch, or an error, or just a genuine good deal but I'm quite happy to have a new toy and at £100 less than RRP.

It does mean my 2 month old Forerunner 10 (black and red) is now surplus to requirement though. So if anybody is interested drop me a PM.

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Wow that is a bargain!! Someone made a boo boo on the Jl website. Ssssshhhhhh we won't tell anyone.


AMAZING bargain and you can't go too wrong with John Lewis. Unsurprisingly they've sold out of the offer now. I love my Forerunner 220, it's a brilliant little device (bought it off Amazon two months ago for £180 - which I thought was a bargain then, hey ho!)


Yeah I can't quite believe that I spotted it. Had been contemplating upgrading my Forerunner 10 at some point as I fancied a few more bells and whistles. The main one being the Bluetooth connection and being able to upload my runs from my phone, as it's not very often I get chance to get my laptop out these days.

Had seen them on Amazon for £180-£190 but getting it for £140 is a bonus.

First run with it (assuming I get chance to get it all setup tonight) will be tomorrow.


Brilliant bargain it pays to shop around


I'm even more chuffed now as I did manage to get the new Garmin setup last night so was able to use it for my W7R2 run today.

I really like it, it's so light! Don't know I've got it on. It also picked up the satellites in no time at all.

Really pleased that I took a chance on that deal :D

My Forerunner 10 is now definitely in need of a new home.


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