Garmin Forerunner 220

Hi all, I was given a Garmin 220 as a birthday present ( no pressure there then) Today though on the PArk Run, the power save kicked in and I lost my record entirely? Anyone know how to avoid this? Good news is I get my time anyway through the tremendously efficient PArk Run site and I knocked 29 seconds off my PB :-) Park Run highly recommended both as a way to check progress and as a social event . Good luck to everyone at Great North Run tomorrow

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  • That happened to me when I first got my 620. Turned out I hadn't pressed the start run button which brings up a play symbol. Not sure if yours is the same

  • I'm a bit of a Luddite so I think you could be right - it was operator error !!!

  • As a man I have an excuse - I didn't read the manual ;-)

  • That's a shame! I have the Garmin 220 as well. I think you may have forgotten to hit the start button. The powersave doesn't kick in if you're tracking a run. If it's started tracking, you'll get a big green play symbol.

    Enjoy your watch! They're a lot of fun :-)

  • That's a shame but as mentioned above, it sounds like you hadn't actually started the Garmin. I always make sure I see the green symbol and that the seconds have started registering to make absolutely sure I've set the Garmin recording.

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