Couch to 5K

Week 5 day 2

I did it I did it.for the past couple of days I've had a swelling in top of my foot which was painful so I rested and put a compression bandage on ot. This morning it felt fine so I went out and completed day 2. I can't believe I did it!!! The last three mins on each of those two runs were hard though so my question is. Do I repeat day two till I am comfortable or do I go straight to day three because it just seems a massive jump x

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Go to day 3 would be my advice. Why not? The programme is progressive so go with it.

Congrats on completing week 4. Just keeping lining them up and knocking them down Nicky

Try loosening your shoe lace a bit. That might have been the cause of the top of your foot being swollen

Good luck, go steady!


Ok thank you I will do day three tues, and thanks yeah I will do that with my laces


Do run 3 Nicky :D go as slow and steady as you can, the previous weeks will have prepared you for this , you can do it :D loosedn laces but double knot them if you can ,then unlike me they wont come undone :D


Thanks slow_Rob I will... I can't wait to give it ago but I'm going to be good and have tomorrow as a days rest x


Great enjoy your rest :-D x


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