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Well 9 weeks ago i posted on here about being to old to start running ( the ripe old age of 48) and i was amazed about the number of replies from the good people on here telling me that this no age at all and to give it a go. Well last night i graduated completing my 5k in 27min.37's the past weeks have been hard, fun challenging, painful, inspiring but most of all i would not have got through it without reading the posts on here ! everyday it was great to read how other people where getting on and the support that they received was really inspiring. So a big thank you to all my fellow runners , time to start training now for the Lincoln 10k in March.

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  • Wow, well done Ade, what a fast time!

    Does the lincoln 10 k include that dreaded hill towards the cathedral? If , so you're on your own! LOL

  • Congratulations Ade and what a fast time, fabulous! Good luck with your 10k challenge.

  • Congratulations on your graduation ! Blimey , youre like greased lightening, that is a fast time !

    Hope you enjoy all your future running adventures , and good luck with the training :-) xxx

  • Wow! Well done.. that's a superb time there! Best of luck for the 10K training - slow and steady!

  • Super fast ! Now you know there's life in the old dog yet.... Well done...

  • Congratulations ! If you haven't already got a training plan have a look at the bupa ones Very easy to follow and it worked for me Good luck with 10 k when it comes

  • big congrats :D yup that is a fast time you must have worked really hard over the 9 Weeks :D

  • WoooHoo! Graduated with a great time Ade. Go fetch that shiny badge if you haven't already. Congratulations and look forward to hearing how the training goes for your Lincoln 10k.

  • Flippin' eck that's fast! Perhaps you should start a training plan to try and get the WR from Usain Bolt!

  • Congratulations! Excellent time too! Bet you never expected you would be able to do that. Good luck with moving up to 10k.

  • Hi People, Thanks for all the comments i am really pleased with my time. I was telling the people at work today how 9 weeks ago i would look at the people out running and wonder why ? and now i wonder how long, how fast etc. Ive really caught the bug and to all the people just starting good luck you don't know what you getting in to !! ( all the positive stuff). As for the Lincoln 10k misswobble i dont know if you go up or down steep hill but either way i am going to give it a go.

  • Yeh - congratulations :0) - superb time too! Good luck with the 10k training (I might start that soon too!)

  • You young whipper-snapper you! Well done, great time!

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