Shiny thing alert!!!!!

Shiny thing alert!!!!!

You know I told you that I ran a half marathon the other day but that there was no medal at the end of it, just a tee shirt. Well some kind person on here has made me this lovely, gorgeous, beautiful MEDAL!!!

Clap your eyes on this baby!

The clever medal maker is none other than our very own ALIBOO. I'm so thrilled with this I can't tell you.

Thank you so much Ali!

Oops I cut a bit off! My photography skills are pants!

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  • WOW, that is fantastic! A real work of art, how lovely!

  • Hey cool MW! Looks just the thing.... :)

  • What a lovely thing to do! <3

  • What a lovely thing to do! <3

  • Yay! Its there! Hope you like the purple ish ribbon too! Sounds like you're doing amazingly well with that fast stint at the running club too, you're turning into miss superfit I'm very impressed! :)

  • That's great that is Ali, very kind. Well done x :-)

  • Thats fantastic! What a very thoughtful thing to do !

  • Oh WOW that Is such a great shiny very arty, a lovely gesture aliboo.

  • What a fantastic medal and well deserved MissW! Aren't people here lovely! X :-D

  • Ali, youre a star, what a lovely kind thing to do , love the bling Miss W :-) xxx

  • Aaaagh that's fab!!!! How thoughtful! Brilliant and very well deserved!!!

  • That's a great medal design in it's own right. Lucky you and clever aliboo !

  • Oh, that's awesome! And well done you.

  • Beautiful and completely unique! What a lovely thing to do.

  • I thought it might have said "like an OLD bat out of hell" LOL

  • Oh wow that's beautiful... You need to wear that with pride :)

  • How fab, and how kind and talented Aliboo is xx

  • Well deserved medal especially for the mega run and all your positive posts.

  • Wow! I love the medal

  • That is so fantastic. Aliboo that was so sweet. And you are clearly no slouch at metalwork!

  • Excellent. Post of the month.

  • Wow that's great well done Aliboo and MW

  • Fantastic Aliboo & MissW, what a unique and special medal.

  • I have to go to my slim club meet today so I'm taking my medal with me to show it off. I'm so chuffed with it

  • That's amazing, well done both of you. What an amazing community we have on this forum!

  • Lovely... isn't it good when people are kind and nice to one another :-)

  • Aww, that is such a kind thing to do Aliboo and obviously much appreciated! I bet that's a medal you will hang on to for a long time Misswobble. Show it off with pride :)

  • FANTASTIC! Well done Miss W on the half (love the new avatar) and well done Aliboo on a superb piece of bling-tastic medalry...

  • BIG BLING to wear with pride! How lovely of Aliboo and what a great design.

  • Wow MissW!! Wow Aliboo!! That medal is a thing of beauty and all the more precious because it's unique. You lucky lady MissW :)

  • Wow, that is a fantastic piece of art, Aliboo. Well done!!!

  • That's such a brilliant design - the race-makers should give you the contract, Aliboo

  • What a brilliant thing to do :0) - I love it. Well done Aliboo

  • Wow what a lovely thing to do aliboo! That medal is so much better than what you get if they did give out a medal!

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