Shiny new gadget - Forerunner 630

Shiny new gadget - Forerunner 630

After a few weeks with the FR235 I decided it wasn't the watch for me. The functionality was great except for the inbuilt HRM with which I had a few issues:

 - I had to have it uncomfortably tight for it to work

 - I must have big wrists (never thought I did) because to put the watch an inch above the wrist bone meant I was on the last couple of notches

 - after the last run I have two skin 'burns' where the watch strap has rubbed me raw and the skin that the oHRM rests on is really quite shrivelled - yuck (see photos taken today, watch was removed yesterday)

 - I was never convinced it was actually accurate - it seemed _really_ high - 170bpm for a 42 min 5K for example. Calories and a whole bunch of other metrics are based on the HR so if that is off then the whole watch becomes a bit silly

 - typing on a laptop was awkward because of where you have to wear the FR235 (higher up the wrist)

So I decided to return it and get the FR230 with a chest strap. Except I didn't, I decided to go for the FR630 instead simply because of the touchscreen, the extra data readings and I am really just a big kid inside (and some extra birthday money appeared).

So far, loving it - my first run with it will be either tonight or tomorrow mid-day. Can't wait to try on the chest strap - I know I said I didn't want a chest strap but actually now it is here I am quite excited :-).

Ultimately, I decided that the FR235 was brilliant....if the oHRM worked. If the oHRM doesn't work then the FR230 is significantly cheaper and comes with a much more accurate chest strap. The FR630 is a watch that will last me for years I hope.

To be fair, I will repeat - IF the FR235 oHRM works for you then it is a fantastic watch, if not, the FR230 is the exact same watch without the oHRM. The FR630 is the same watch plus touchscreen and a few new measurements.

And yes, I do think me having an FR630 is a little bit like a toddler getting an F1 car - you know what, I don't care - vroom Vroom VROOM :-).


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9 Replies

  • Ouch. What is the strap made of?

  • Just fairly stretchy plastic. I haven't read of anybody else being irritated by it (although my wife would say something rude here about her being irritated by my newfound toys ;-)).

    I expect I could have kept at it and found a workable solution, but when you are spending £200-something on a watch I want something that just works.

  • Ooh I have this with my Forerunner 10 . The strap is a sort of rubbery/plastic and it always makes my wrist itch for hours after . I was thinking of putting some Vaseline on the strap to act as a barrier but was a bit worried of it somehow getting it into my watch and clogging it up. I could always put something on my wrist like a thin sweatband or similar and then put the watch on top of that .

    Yes it is very irritating Yatesy, I agree xxx

  • You do love your toys don't you? But, as you say... you don't care any way :)

    Pikkie of chest strap too please... or maybe, pikkie of all your gadgets!!!!

    I cannot believe I say similar sometimes... "I'll do what I like...I'm 66 and you can't tell me what to do! " Hence.. some more funky  running togs for France!!!!


    Does your wife have the monetary equivalent to buy things she likes too?

  • I really do ;-). I have a tech allowance and the boss has a chocolate allowance! 

    I tried to take a photo of the strap but then the iPhone died... there are pictures galore here:

    I actually don't have as many gadgets as it might seem, but for gadgets I do have I tend to research them extensively, or maybe even excessively...

  • ..or even obsessively... I love it... 

    I don't like if my husband buys treats... he loves old mechanical watches.... then I choose treats too.. often more expensive than chocolate :)

  • that heart rate does seem high! I have no idea what mine would be running, but on my exercise bike I have to be absolutely flat out to get it over 130 so I don't think my gentle running would be anything like that. Gadgets are great if they are accurate and do what you want them to do! I wear my sons watch just so I can check the time without disturbing my phone which I use for tracking the run. I find the metal annoys me as I warm up, almost like an electric shock feeling so I stick a thin layer of tissue under it and its fine!

  • So I have just finished my run with the FR630 ( and it turns out that the chest strap pretty much agreed with the FR235. Still glad I returned it and bought the 630 though - much more comfortable on the wrist.

  • Far too technical & gadgety for me. Like a foreign language. I like that running is free & gadget free. Just you & your legs.

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