Overtaking pedestrians

I've noticed something now I am running in more populated places, I.E. city pavements, that when I need to pass someone walking it seems to take me a while to catch up with them, but when I pull out to pass them I absolutely motor past...then I slow back down to my normal stumble....is this a mental thing? I'd really like ALL my running to be smooth and efficient like that...

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  • I do that too :-) I think the pedestrians rather slow down in awe at the mighty running prowess being displayed :-)

  • What Tanyag said :0)

  • Yes I know what you mean!!! Perhaps run in crowds for an elbow nudging PB?? ;)

  • Yeah I found that too! I came out of a cut to join a path once just as two people were walking past with their dog! That was the fastest k I did when I looked at the stats!!! Was amazing!! Just had to get past and out of sight!! Quick!!!!

  • I know just what you mean and I'm sure it is psychological cos is usually accompanied by a little surge of escaped superiority as you overtake cos you are running and they are just walking. I know it's wrong to feel superior, but quite frankly I don't often get the opportunity and you have to take it where you can :D

  • I suppose it's fartlekking but we call it overtaking pedestrians

  • That's great. It shows that you have something "left in the tank". I've also noticed that most people don't hear me coming up behind them and then they look surprised when I overtake them. This makes me smile because I always thought I was quite noisy but it seems I'm not!

  • Yep it's fartlekking!

  • what the heck is fartlekking lol yup i have done it too :) if you got it flaunt it :D :D

  • Yes totally!!! I see someone walking & think I'll soon be on them, but it takes ages!!! Then when I finally catch up I zip round somehow. Don't know what that's all about but it feels really good for those mere 30 seconds or so:)

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