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wk 2 1 down 2 to go newbie

After putting on weight consistently and getting less active since I broke a leg 3 yrs ago I figured time to make a change.

I've always hated running but this programme makes it feel achievable. So far it seems just about within my comfort zone, although I'm vaguely aware of my comfort zone being stretched to make that happen.

Just done 1.3 on week 2, with the tail end of a cold, but I wanted to get back into it. I've never looked forward to going for a run before and I don't want to lose that feeling. Think my main issue ( apart from finding breath ;) ) is to keep my head in the here and now. Although I enjoy daydreaming of going for full 5k runs in the summer by the beach and that keeps me going, I often drift into whats coming next week or further on the plan and it almost psychs me out.

I'm hoping that the bit of a high and pride I feel after completing a session will keep me keen for the next one, as I'm pretty sure if I lose consistency I'll fall off this as I have so many other things. Fingers crossed!

Also the community thing is new to me but seems like a great way to keep my attitude right. I've been reading quite a few of your posts and its great to see the responses to each of them too. Its great stuff and you guys are inspiring, so I've taken the plunge and joined. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

Happy running!

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Hello and welcome back2trim. You've taken the most important step, the first one and now you're on week 2! Fab and so very well done.

That daydream you have of running 5K by a beach? THAT WILL happen. It's a powerful image to keep in your head when some runs are tough and you're stuggling. We're always being told never to underestimate the importance of mental strength when running and having a great visual goal like yours will give you that strength and make all the difference to your journey.

Keep posting here, take your time and enjoy.

I want to see your post telling us about your 5K run by a beach! It will happen if you want it to.


hello and welcome :D and well done on your efforts so far :D dont worry or even look at the other weeks , trust in teh program , as everyone says slow and steady or even slower :D you will do just great :D :D


Well done for starting and getting to week 2, I am only on week 3 so not much experience here, but what the other guys say seems to work. Good luck on your journey and look forward to hearing how you get on :-)


This is the programme that WILL get you running. I don't know how, unless Laura hypnotises us, but somehow it just keeps rolling along... I remember when I was at your stage I couldn't wait for the session to finish, then immediately I wanted to go again!

This is a lovely community, every one here is rooting for you, and looking forward to hearing about that beach run.


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