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So having completed C25K last month (and carrying on with three runs a week) myself and my best friends wife who did it at the same time, ran Run or Dye Oxfordshire yesterday - a 5K run with loads of corn based colour dye. It was a great atmosphere and a nice event. We ran together and completed in around 30 minutes (its an untimed event). Overtaking lots of other runners made us realise how far we had come along since starting C25K in June.

We both had spectators and it was a nice fun pat on the back to ourselves for completing the program. Would recommend it.

Now we are choosing our next event to work towards (due to distance we train separately but keep supportive messages going between us). We are thinking of a 10K Monster race next year....but need to start looking at some upper body strength for that I think.

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Wow great time jonboy but more importantly sound you had great time . Good luck with your next goal .What exactly is a monster race?


Monster Race is similar to tough mudder but the obstacles are not as intense - no electrocution for a start...


Very well done indeed! Sounds fab! Can't go wrong with some strength training, whatever you want to do next :-)


I've head of those runs - they look great fun. I'm definately going to do one next year for our local hospice.

Bet you did feel great overtaking other runners. Starting and completing this programme is a great thing, really going a long way from week one.

Hoper you continue to enjoy and meet other challenges :) xx


Jon-Boy. I like the idea of total training *lower and upper body) I do mine at the gym. So I do my c25K at the gym on a static bike. After my session, I go on the other equipment to lift weights or just the bar of the equipment. I don't know if I will be able to fit it in the hour I use to train, as c5K takes longer and longer. But I enjoy the programme. Well done and very good effort!


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