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W5R2 done - nervous for R3

Did W5R2 this morning up on the hills near me. Intended on walking up the hill and using the flattish bit at the top but didn't quite intend on running a little further up the hill like I actually did! :D

Felt okay after both 8 minute runs but have realised that the next run is the big 20 minute one. It does feel like quite a jump so am planning on doing R3 on the playing field near my house. Eek. Nervous! Planning R3 for Monday morning :)

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Well done so far :D everyone has doubts about teh 1st 20min run , beleive me the program works, everything you have done so far means you can do it :D trust laura and the program, slow and steady :D you wil do it :D


Don't be nervous.....relax and you will run better. Look how far you have come in just a few weeks and trust the fact that you have done the groundwork to achieve the 20 mins run. The playing fields are a good ploy. Just remember to go is time, not speed that is important. Do some facial stretches before you start off, or you may find that the consequent grin really does hurt. Good luck, keep us posted.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks for the encouragement guys :)

I went out earlier and completed the 20 minute run :D Week 5 complete now, will be moving on to week 6 next time :D

Thanks again :)


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