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The MoJo is back... C'mon Aussie!

The MoJo is back... C'mon Aussie!

Good morning my lovely HU family... have missed you lately!

Well, after a night out with the lovely Mrs Aussie last night and escaping the kids (she's on W5 next week - taking it slowly), I was looking forward to the extra hour's sleep that was coming our way thanks to daylight savings ending... it also meant it would be lighter in the mornings which is great for me as I'm a morning runner (sorry evening runners - it just got even darker!)...

PoppyPug - just so you know, I'm sporting the long compression socks and shorts look these days! They rock!

So, I wanted a long run this morning but I wasn't sure how the ankle would hold up so I set off around 7am towards Richmond Park without a plan beyond "go easy and just see how far you can go"... First few kilometres are absolutely fine and I'm taking it nice and easy, keeping the HR down. Garmin appears to be a bit confused (it did think I ran THROUGH the river) but the distance is ticking over as I expected so I leave it to find more satellite friends and carry on....

Into Richmond Park and I decide to do a clockwise loop today so it's off towards Ham Gate... nice and steady and then a right turn up the hill towards Pembroke Lodge... First hill for a few weeks and I think "hmm... this is harder than I remember..". Soon enough though I'm at the top and my heart rate drops 20bpm in a few minutes... onwards and past the lodge and I'm just over 5k now... time to start the hydration routine (sip of sports drinks every km)....

Past Pembroke Lodge and then it's into the longer slight downhill towards Sheen Gate and then on to Roehampton Gate... This section just ticked on by... everything was working... breathing was under control, pace was nice and slow and I was feeling really relaxed and enjoying it... a lot...

10km ticks by and I think "hmm... I could really do with the bathroom about now"... :) So, pause of the Garmin and a quick detour at Roehampton Gate to the bathrooms... Too much hydration on a cool day it seems... haha... onwards towards "that hill"...

12km and there it is - that hill... up I go... and get overtaken by two young blokes built like gazelles... ha! Alright you young bucks... I may not be fast but I ain't stopping either... up I go! Get to the top... fist pump and onwards... heart rate dropping about 30bpm in 3 minutes... back to relaxed... this is great...

14km in and it's downhill to Kingston Gate... this section is always fun... down we go... nice and relaxed, concentrating on form as we go (straight body, look ahead, don't bounce too much) and then out of the park we go for the final 1.5km...

At 15km I experience something I have only experienced a few times before... this must be the "Runner's High"... I realise that I've just run 15km and that I am still alive, my breathing is relaxed, my ankle is still behaving and I feel like I can go on forever... I can't stop smiling... people must think I'm mad... this is the best feeling ever... time to push to 10 miles Aussie... that's the answer for today... :)

I figure 10 miles will get me nicely placed next to the local shop where I have decided I will get some coconut water (ha - look at me...)... push hard over the final 500 meters and the stupid smile won't go away... 16.1km tick over, stop the Garmin and we're done... phew!

The mojo is back, the ankle is doing fine (some ice on my calves just as a preventative now) and my love of the long run is back... Timing is probably off a bit as Garmin played up but the distance is right... I reckon about 1:45 in total but frankly could care less... 5 more km and I'm at HM distance... me... the guy who couldn't run more than 60 seconds in March 2014... the bloke who the doctor said was a prime candidate for a heart attack... the bloke who drank too much and (years ago) smoked too much...

Here I am, running 10 miles in a reasonable time - still smiling at the end of it and finding that I really "settle into a long run" after about 8-10km...

As I read somewhere the other day - "One day I will not be able to do this anymore.... Today is not that day"...

Thanks to C25K, you lovely people on here for keeping me going (I always imagine you all cheering me on) and thanks to the running gods for smiling down on me today... :)

Happy running y'all... and if you feel like quitting, remember why you started! :)

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Awesome post Aussie, you really are back, and no mistake! So pleased your ankle is behaving and you're feeling so strong!

Look out HM, Aussie's coming for you and he's not taking any prisoners :)


Thanks Epic Mum... it was an amazing run this morning... it all came together and my love of the long run is back! Oh - and the body behaved itself which is nice... :)


Whoa !, There you go like Hulk Hogan smashing everything in your path, Have it !!!! :-)

Way to go Aus, I have missed your selfies, its absolutely marvellous to see you again . We have missed you too !

Fantastic post , felt like I was running there with you, but I bailed out just as I got to the hill, I remembered I had an urgent appointment somewhere :-D

Hey loving the shorts / long socks combo, suits you sir :-)

Welcome back Aussie, Well done , youre a legend , and all the best to Mrs Aussie too :-) xxx


Yeah - so impressed and yes we really are all cheering you on (but not from the couch!) he he


Sounds like a great run, we have been missing your posts. Glad your recovered and your well on your way to that HM - i see mrs aussie is also doing great - she is over half way - give her a cheer from all of us


t'riffic run Aussie. Well done - that is some distance. I love autumn for running as the temp is great and the leaves have that autumnal aroma! Great for your sense of well being I'd say. Good luck with future runs.


Lovely post Aussie - your passion for running and the healthy life shines through!

Even running on water nowadays eh?

Well done and well done to Mrs Aussie too for her progress!


How uplifting to read, thank you! I'm glad you got your mojo back, & in style, sounds like an epic run! I often go around smiling to myself like a loon after a good run, I feel do dashed proud of myself which is so unlike me! I do that thing too btw of imagining people on this forum cheering me on or running beside me, it really helps spur me on sometimes. May your mojo last a long, long time!


Great post Aussie. And you have done amazingly well since March - simply incredible.

You are an inspiration for sure - and you write some cracking good posts too!

Glad you're back and doing well :) xx


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