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Hi all - done 2 runs and loving it!

I've made a start on C25K and enjoying it so much so far!

Love the music and Laura's encouragement, and somehow having the program makes it OK for me to run along the city pavements without feeling embarrassed/conspicuous.

I imagine people seeing my bum crammed into tracksuit bottoms and thinking 'at least she's making an effort'


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No IS ok for you to run along the city pavements without feeling either embarrassed or conspicuous. Well done for making a start and it's great that you are getting out there and making an effort. All of us on here know how much it takes to make those first steps, and if you keep posting we will be cheering you all the way to graduation. You WILL be able to run for 30 mins ! Go you !


Thanks henpen!

Looking forward to r3 tomorrow


Yup well done for taking those first steps :D those pavements are for everyone :D enjoy the program it really does work :D


Cheers Rob!

One of the reasons I decided C25K was the way to go is everyone who has done it - so inspiring to see and to hear people's stories


Good on you! Those pavements are definitely as much yours as anyone else's! Health warning now follows: this running lark becomes addictive. Now I NEVER would have thought I would be saying that - and I can't deny that my c25k journey was, at times, very challenging. Trust the programme, stay in touch on here and ask for support if you need it. Very best of luck


Thanks amisnan!

I'm on week 3 now. Not addicted yet, but enjoying it and looking forward to my runs :-)


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