Should Have..Update...I Did!

Well you would be proud of me.Came in late from work. No moans no excuses straight turn round. Changed and out within minutes[ ok slight exaggeration but point made I hope]. so much so that laura was upset with me and threw a hissy fit!! After walking briskly for 5 miles[ yes well I do tend to exaggerate] I began to think there might be something wrong. So with great difficulty[ yes I am a woman and can mutli task better than the whole male population but....] I managed to get my ipod out from my bum bag. This made more difficult as my left hand and arm are still not fully in use [ measure is..cannot do /undo bra for example..too much info?..sorry ]. well I would like to believe that Laura had become frozen with awe at the marvelous performance of yours truly but maybe I had banged the ipod..prefer former explanation. So thinking quickly[ not a strong point] I turned to my trusty stop watch a la ipod and timed my run/walk myself. so in short I completed run 2 week 1 ta da!!

NB: Third time of writing as 'lost' first two attempts...would say that technology is not a strong point but it actually is supposed to be lol!

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  • :-D

  • You did it Yea! Very impressed with managing to get iPod out of bumbag with injured hand I know what you mean about bras problem - I once broke tiny bone in hand and was amazed at what I couldn't do. Impressed you got straight out after work. Be carefull when you running in dark as last thing you want is to jar your injured arm and hand . Good luck with your running

  • Thanks..Yes..something I have to be aware of [ the dark]. Just got back before it was really bad.

  • I was out running in dark for 1st time . It was on well lit pavements but dawned on me need to almost treat it like trail running and just keep looking down at pavement just wee bit ahead - to try and avoid potholes, leaves.

  • Lol, I love your style!!! And well done for the proble solving skills in the middle of a stressful situation. Baden Powell would be proud!

  • Well done!!Agree with fitfor60 - take care running in the dark.

    I have run on beach and country lanes during the summer and have come back down to earth with a bump - running on pavements takes real concentration, which is not something I am used to doing when running lol

    Keep it up and hope you have better luck with Laura for your next run : )

  • Well done; great determination!! Have to add my bit; take care out there in the dark xx

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