Exeter HM

Exeter HM

Was very apprehensive about this. Last week's catastrophe knocked me for six rather and I have not run since. Turned up and toed the line anyway as I had committed to it.

Was ideal running conditions. Cool, but sunny etc.

this was my first road race and it was quite a different thing to cross country. I started feeling quite sad but the endless relentless support form the public forced a smile form me after a while.

As per usual I found the first section hard going but by halfway was running strongly and negative split the course by a bit, which was good, given the second half had 177m of vert gain.

Chip time finished me at 2.15.04. Mlle Garmin gave me 2.14.53 but I'm not quibbling. I probably could have finished quicker - when I realised I might miss 2.15 at the 12mile mark I put the hammers down and dd 5.30k pace for the last bit, which suggests I probably still had a fair bit left in the tank. If I hadn't screwed my training for the last four weeks with a knee injury I might have had a sniff at 2.00.

But... tbh... I don't care. I really don't. I was happy to finish. I really was not thinking about times (except at the very end when I felt like going for it for fun). For the most part i was reflecting on how far I had come since February when I was lying in an MRI machine, breathless from climbing the stairs.

Thank you C25k and thank you all of you on here for being such a strong mutual support network.


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28 Replies

  • Oh Rig, Im so pleased for you , You did it !!!

    Well done to you, you have come so far, excellent stuff !

    Many Congratulations to you, and a lovely medal too :-) xxx

  • That's a great time for a HM, don't beat yourself up about it. Love the medal, so much better that someone has put some effort into making it appropriate for the run

  • Crikey, an MRI machine - that's even more horizontal than the couch and now you have gone and done a HM and all just this year. I am in awe Rignold.

    The thought of 177m of vertical gain is giving me vertigo!

    Loving the big bling and look forward to seeing the next one 'cos I feel sure you are now on a mission to get that 2.00.

  • Brilliant! Wondered how you got on today. Well done Rig

  • What a superb effort. Well done!

  • Congratulations! great photo and a great time, you should feel proud of yourself thats excellent :)

  • Wow! Well done! Great distance and time and with a recent injury!

  • Nice work there Rignold ... you have my admiration indeed! Hoping you're enjoying yourself this eve and feeling like a superstar!!! :-)

  • That's a job well done, Rignold. Congratulations! You are amazing! :)

  • Amazing, the photo says it all, so proud of yourself & so you should be! I cannot believe where you were in feb compared to today, I am seriously in awe. Well done!!!!!

  • Oh thats utterly fantastic...well done you, and what a great time!!! You need to celebrate now and enjoy.

  • Well done and such a fanatsic time. You have come so far in a very short space of time. A great inspiration to us all. Enjoy your wind down.

  • A fantastic achievement, well done! Love the shiny medal x :-)

  • Nice photo, good time and a decent looking medal ;-)

    Well done.

  • I've been waiting for your post m'dear. CONGRATULATIONS that's some serious running. You should be so very proud of yourself for what you achieved today. Hats off to you :)

  • Well done. Great time. Get yerself off to celebrate :)

  • Congratulations on completing the run, really pleased for you, I'm sure this is the first race of many races. :)

  • Well done!!!

  • There's some serious bling about today!!!! Well done Rig. You must be mightily pleased and relieved that it's over.

    You've truly come an awfully long way from where you were. More power to you! Have a good rest and give your knee a bit of down time

  • Congratulations, great run!

  • Just look at that smile! Bloody well done! Nice medal too!

    I'm sorry I didn't see your post about Pilton until today, even better bloody well done for getting out there today, I'm sure your horrible experience last week would have put me off. Bloody well done in case I haven't already said it xx

  • Congratulations and so pleased to hear you enjoyed today's race!! Fantastic time and loving that medal!

  • Have just seen the official pictures. I look like a waxwork of Garry Bushell that someone has left next to an Aga. Not good.

    Thanks you all for your v kind words.

    Was a bit creaky when I got up this morning but surprisingly relativly painfree now. So much so that I may even go for a gentle jog around the block later to give the muscles a stretch.

  • Lovely to see you smiling. Great effort with a well deserved result. Be proud !

  • This is the third time I've tried to reply. I keep getting logged out!

    Another hero (just read JJ's post). What a BIG medal and so well deserved Rignold especially since you had a few niggles before. No wonder you're smiling.

    You just ran over 13 miles! 13 bl**dy miles! Really well done.

  • Loving the smile and the medal :)

  • well done on a great race mr r first ones special once again congrats

  • A belated WELL DONE! Was wondering how you got on so I tracked you down!

    It was lovely weather here in the west country wasn't it. Hope you manage to keep off the injury couch now and reach full strength again.

    Can't begin to imagine running so far, you've all done so well doing the distances and times you do.

    :) xx

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