Weekend highlight?

Someone at work asked me today if I had anything nice planned for the weekend. My answer? I've got a nice long run planned! (especially exciting as I can only squeeze shorter ones in with the dark evenings or going before work). They looked at me a little strange and went on their way. How things change! to very long ago, walking the dogs was the most energetic thing I'd be doing.

Is running one of the highlights of this weekend for you? What are you up to and does it still feel strange to think running is a weekend highlight?


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14 Replies

  • Sounds excellent KarlottaI just find running is a highlight for any day at the moment.running wirh my 14 year old niece and Rico tomorrow. Have a great run

  • I have a long run planned for Sunday, so am looking forward to that in a trepidatious sort of way. The weekend after this I'll be in a half marathon. Aaaaagh!

  • Know just what you mean Karlotta. I find I am now looking forward to my runs rather than looking forward to the end of them! Sunday is run day and Week 1 Run 3 of the beginner's 10k on the BUPA programme so still 30 mins at the mo, but now there is a PLAN. Don't tell Dilbert.

  • Think I spoke too soon! It's pelting it down here today and while I don't mind a bit of rain/drizzle, this is a bit biblical!

  • I'm running a half marathon tomorrow and looking at caravans today. Wonderful weekend. But I'm with you - the long run is definitely the highlight!!

  • It's always my main highlight.. Parkrun Saturday with my son then a long run Sunday makes for a perfect weekend... Have fun

  • Yep this running lark is a game changer isn't it. I only started running as an excuse to get down to the beach more often!

    My work colleagues have had to get used to my tales of good runs and not so good runs, running in the rain, running on holiday etc etc but have now become so accepting of my 'running life' that they describe the weather as good/bad running weather lol

    Hope the weather improves for you to enjoy your run : )

  • Yes, I had a really nice run this morning, around Cambridge. Just a shortish one, and stopped to take pics too when I saw something pretty. I love Cambridge in the Autumn, I shall enjoy looking at these pics when I get back to France with it's very limited runs (at least where I am) next year.

  • I managed to get out this morning after all, although I dressed too warm and had a bit of a ropey run - stopped at about 12km. Still good to get out though and a poor run is still better than no run!

  • 12k! WELL DONE Karlotta! :) i've still not got further than that 10k distance! Hope you've been wearing your purple shirt, mine is much admired by my BF tracy, so much so she might have to compete next year! :)

  • I do love my shirt! Just signed up for the Half for next year!

  • 12k! well done! Great work...

    I live for my Sunday long run... absolutely love it! I can't wait for the 10 miler I have planned next weekend... round Richmond Park and surrounds..... it's my "happy place" my run.... couldn't survive without it... and until 7 months ago I didn't even know I could ever run.... :)

    Well done again on your run! :)

  • I think I need to remember that too. Before April I could only run a bath. I think i went off too fast to be honest - planning to slow right down for next weekend!

  • Thats lovely ! I find myself thinking of the runs and which run i am in, shoes, marathons etc more than writing my thesis actually :D

    Happy running !

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