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Forced rest

Should have been doing run 3 of wk4 today *sigh* Beautiful morning for it too. For wk3 and wk4 I've been having to take two day rests for my knee to recover but over time it is slowly improving and I have started doing the knee strengthening exercises too. All was going well and r2 started well and knee was fantastic (still wearing a support just in case but all was good). The day before running I noticed that my ankle felt bruised and thought nothing of it as I'd been helping my daughter shift furniture and assumed I must have bumped it. When putting on my running shoes I noticed the ankle looked a little bruised and was a little tender when I poked it but nothing to worry about. That is until the last 5 min run and it started to twinge but not too bad. It got worse on the warm down walk and finished off with the stretches thinking it would be ok after that but.... hey! Where did that limp come from?? Oh well, iced it, rested it and used some support (just slightly swollen) and thought it would be ok by today. But no :( It's really not that painful but definitely doesn't feel up to a run and I don't want to aggravate it as that seems to be what I initially did.

My question: Not knowing how long it will take to recover... how many days off can I take before having to drop back to previous runs? I really want to stick with week 4 having got this far and hopefully will be fine for tomorrow (keeping fingers crossed behind back) but am worried my stamina will drop if I have to take too many days off

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I had a week's break between run 2 and 3 of week 6 and managed ok.


Thanks, that's really helpful :)


I had 2.5 weeks off on the injury couch at the end of week2 and when I started back I did on week3 r1 but on a treadmill, I found this helped me as I could regulate my speed better. that said it really does depend on how you feel. if you don't try you will never know. good luck what ever you decide.


Thanks. That's really encouraging to hear. You did well after 2.5 weeks off!


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